Warning Letters

Official Warning Letter


Mr. Nick Holden

Apartment No. 46,

Milford Building,

City Of London,

London, UK.

19th May, 1999

Subject: Warning for bad behavior in the office premises

Mr. Holden

We are writing this letter to inform you that the management has received a few complaints about your bad behavior in the office premises from few of your colleagues and the members of the junior staff. I would take this opportunity to let you know that this organization believes in providing all of its employees a comfortable and friendly environment to perform their work and any case of bad or unacceptable behavior won’t be dealt with casual actions. Infact consider this as a warning.

Any complaints about bad behavior are treated seriously. So if we receive any further complaints we shall be forced to let you go from this position. I hope that you will make sure to behave in the premises and clear the air with your fellow members. As an employee we expect you to show seriousness towards your work and humble and cooperative behavior towards fellow colleagues.

Hope you take this letter seriously and mend you ways in the office premises.


Ms. Hailey Forbes

Senior Manager,

Callahan Developers,

London, UK.

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