Warning Letters

Academic Warning Letter


Ms. Jenna Marin

234, St. James Street,

Bradford County,

City Of London,

London, UK.


19th May, 2010

Subject: Warning for bad/ uncompetitive academic performance.

Ms. Marin

This letter is meant to re-iterate on the school policy which requires that all the students of any bachelors’ course must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and above. If any particular student fails to meet this basic minimum requirement then the school shall not allow him or her to proceed further to the next semester. Infact this is the last and final warning letter which is being sent to you as 2 letters have already been sent to you. The next letter will directly be sent to your parents or guardians.

We would like to remind you that you attained a GPA of 1.2 in last exams, we advise you to step up your academic performance. Any deterioration in your score shall result in the school detaining you from moving on to the next semester. Our college has been a pinnacle of success and hardwork and we are assuming and hoping that you will live upto the expectations this institution has from you.


Mr. James Hayes

Head of Department,

English Department,

California University,

California, USA.

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