Confirmation Letters

Religious Confirmation Letter


Jack Sparrow

15 East Side Lane,

City Street, Las Vegas 7467

Dated: 21st of February 2012

Subject: Confirmation of baptism of my youngest son

Dear Mr. Sparrow,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that the baptism ceremony of my youngest son has been confirmed.  He has attained the age to get baptized.

The ceremony would take place at God’s Heaven Church which is located at 23 Rocky High Street, City Street, Las Vegas 7459. The ceremony begins early morning that is from 7 A.M. I would request you to attend this ceremony along with your family and bless my son for his well being.

I hope you understand that it is a very important day for me and my son as he will be becoming a Catholic. I would be highly grateful if you come down with your family. Please do confirm your presence by replying.

Thanking you,

Len Benny

Confirmation Letters

Booking Confirmation Letter


Mark Anthony

Tour Manager

Anthony Tour Ltd.

West Square

Castle Road, UK

18th December 2011

Subject: Confirmation of the booking in Inter Hotel

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter on the behalf of Inter Hotels. Through this letter I want to confirm about the bookings that you have made with us. You booked for a banquet hall, a Pearl lawn, a guest seminar hall, 5 executive rooms, a conference room and two luxury rooms. As mentioned in our records, you have booked our hotel from 24th December to 30th December for a total of fifteen members.

We want to assure you that your bookings have been recorded and we promise that you will get outstanding services from our hotel. Kindly confirm your booking with us by replying to this confirmation letter.

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to serve you.

Yours sincerely

Jackson Sault

Booking manager

Inter Hotel

Park Street


Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letter for Interview


Christopher Mark

2019 Crew Street

South Avenue

Canopy lane,


18TH December 2011

Subject: Confirmation for the scheduled interview.

Dear Christopher,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Fortune Industries to confirm about your interview that is to be held for the post of General Secretary of our company.

The interview is slated to take place at 7:00 PM on 20th December 2011. You are required to report in Guest seminar hall with all the official certificates, an interview offer letter and other required documents. Before appearing for the interview, kindly refer to the terms and conditions of our industry, mentioned at the back of your interview offer letter.

We wish you a Good luck for your interview and request you to come by 7:00 PM, without any delay. Please respond and confirm your presence by replying to the letter.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Greger

Senior Manager

HR Department

Fortune Industries


Confirmation Letters

Audit Confirmation Letter


Smith Roy

Director, Stock and Sell Pvt. Co.

64th North Avenue



18TH December 2011

Subject:  Confirmation of an audit.

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to confirm you that I have started working upon your account audits, which you have issued to me. As told by your company’s manager I was required to file an Income tax return and submit a complete audit before 30th March 2012.

I request you to send me all the latest documents which include company’s balance sheets, cash flow statements and other account statements. In addition, I also want an income tax return of the previous year, 2011, to make comparisons.

I promise to complete the audit by 25th march 2012 with full details of every field. Please send me the above mentioned documents by first week of January.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely

Albert Whale


Will and Would Company

123 Cross Street

Confirmation Letters

Balance Confirmation Letter


Albert Coelho

Head of account department

Wills Bank

6th Avenue Street


18TH December 2011

Subject: Confirmation of balance in my saving account number-322332

Respected Sir

Myself, Cannes Gerard holds a Savings Account in your bank with number – 322332. I was out of country for the last 6 months due to my work and hence was not able to check with my bank account as I did not have internet access at the place of work. I request you to please confirm the balance in my account and also update the same in my records book.

I am sending you the printout of last 6 months transactions which my family has done through this bank account so that you can tally them with your accounts. In case of any further information or query related to my account and its transactions you can please call me at 098-7373-38373.

Yours Sincerely

Cannes Gerard

Confirmation Letters

Bank Confirmation Letter


Leonardo Kant

CEO, ABC Pvt. Limited

123, down lane

Boggles Street

Buckingham, UK

18TH December 2011

Subject: Confirming that Mr. Andrew Joseph has an account in our bank

Dear Mr. Kant,

I am writing this letter on behalf HDFC bank to confirm that Mr. Andrew Joseph, CEP of XYZ Private Limited, holds a current account in our bank with number – SC/7647438/47437 and has a good standing.  We hereby certify that Mr. Joseph has enough funds in his accounts so as to pay for all the transactions with your company.

Mr. Joseph has granted authority to their sellers so as to get the bank reference from us.  The direct reference can be obtained from our Service Support Officer, Mr. Jack Nelson at his direct number 0484-498474-4747 or at his official mail id

In case if you need any other assistance or if you have any other query, please feel free to contact at the above mentioned number of Mr. Nelson or at our toll free number 9484-48484-48484.

Yours Truly,

Robot Herb

General Manager



Bank statements

Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letter for Employee


Thomas James

13, Velvet Street

Las Vegas


18TH December 2011

Subject:  Job confirmation letter for the post of Assistant Accountant

Dear Thomas

This letter reaches to you as a confirmation that you can join us in our company from 27th December 2011 as an assistant in the accounting office. I hope this confirmation letter would make you happy and hence we are looking forward to achieve great output from you.

Please bring in a copy of this letter, your certificates and other documents discussed on your first day of joining. You will be paid a fixed salary of $4000 per month by and before 10th of every month.

Please reply to this letter as your confirmation and in case if you wish to change your joining date, please contact our HR department. For any further query or doubts please feel to contact us at 03983-348474-4848.

Yours Sincerely

Jenny Walker

Senior Manager

Fresco Accounting Zone.

Confirmation Letters

Catholic Confirmation Letter


Christopher Joseph

20 North side Lane

Florida Street, Los Angeles


18TH December 2011

Subject: Announcement of my daughter’s Catholic confirmation

Respected Sir

The letter is being sent to you to tell you about an important milestone in the life of my daughter, Sebia , as she has reached the age of Catholic . The ceremony is scheduled to take place in White Light Catholic Church. I would like you to pray for her and request you to shower your blessings on her.

The above mentioned service would begin from 10:00 AM. I take an opportunity to invite you in a small get together that will take place in our home, after the ceremony gets over.

I would like to mark you presence on Sebia’s Catholic confirmation with your family. Please confirm you presence by replying to the invitation.

Thanking you!


Michelle Watson

23 North side Lane

Florida Street,Los Angeles


Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letter Format


_____________ [Name of the recipient]

____________ [Designation of the recipient, if any]

____________ [Name of the recipient’s company if any]

___________ [Address of the recipient]

_______________________ [Date on which letter is written]

Subject: [A precise and well framed subject for the letter is written]

Respected Sir/Madam [A proper salutation for the recipient]

First paragraph: [The first paragraph of the letter is used by a sender to explain the reason for writing a letter and extends to express his/her gratitude for being given the opportunity to confirm the desired option through a letter]

Second paragraph: [This is confined to hold the body of the letter explaining the main points such as confirmation of date, time and venue or any other specifications]

Third Paragraph: [This is a concluding Paragraph of the letter along with a general note of thanks]

Yours sincerely

_____________ [Name of the sender]

_____________ [Address of the sender]

____________ [Designation of the sender along with the name of the company]

Confirmation Letters

Sample Confirmation Letter


Fran Hoffer

Casp Building

9th Monte Road

Central region, Nottingham


17th December 2011

Subject: Confirmation of employment in advertising sector.

Respected Sir

We are pleased to inform you that your CV is well efficient and strong to match up to our requirements in the advertising sector.  The management has taken a unanimous decision to appoint you as an employee for the Brandid Creative Advertisements. After key discussions, you are being confirmed at a position of an assistant.

This letter is aimed to confirm that your effective date of joining is 01/01/2012 with the scheduled timings from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Your salary for the above mentioned job would be $5,000 and would be payable on and before 2nd of every month.

Please signify your acceptance by signing this confirmation letter and returning at the earliest.

Brandid Creative Advertisements congratulates you on your conformation and wishes to see you blooming in your position.


Darwin Charles

Senior Executive

Brandid Creative Advertisement.