Confirmation Letters

Bank Confirmation Letter


Leonardo Kant

CEO, ABC Pvt. Limited

123, down lane

Boggles Street

Buckingham, UK

18TH December 2011

Subject: Confirming that Mr. Andrew Joseph has an account in our bank

Dear Mr. Kant,

I am writing this letter on behalf HDFC bank to confirm that Mr. Andrew Joseph, CEP of XYZ Private Limited, holds a current account in our bank with number – SC/7647438/47437 and has a good standing.  We hereby certify that Mr. Joseph has enough funds in his accounts so as to pay for all the transactions with your company.

Mr. Joseph has granted authority to their sellers so as to get the bank reference from us.  The direct reference can be obtained from our Service Support Officer, Mr. Jack Nelson at his direct number 0484-498474-4747 or at his official mail id

In case if you need any other assistance or if you have any other query, please feel free to contact at the above mentioned number of Mr. Nelson or at our toll free number 9484-48484-48484.

Yours Truly,

Robot Herb

General Manager



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