Confirmation Letters

Balance Confirmation Letter


Albert Coelho

Head of account department

Wills Bank

6th Avenue Street


18TH December 2011

Subject: Confirmation of balance in my saving account number-322332

Respected Sir

Myself, Cannes Gerard holds a Savings Account in your bank with number – 322332. I was out of country for the last 6 months due to my work and hence was not able to check with my bank account as I did not have internet access at the place of work. I request you to please confirm the balance in my account and also update the same in my records book.

I am sending you the printout of last 6 months transactions which my family has done through this bank account so that you can tally them with your accounts. In case of any further information or query related to my account and its transactions you can please call me at 098-7373-38373.

Yours Sincerely

Cannes Gerard

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