Confirmation Letters

Audit Confirmation Letter


Smith Roy

Director, Stock and Sell Pvt. Co.

64th North Avenue



18TH December 2011

Subject:  Confirmation of an audit.

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to confirm you that I have started working upon your account audits, which you have issued to me. As told by your company’s manager I was required to file an Income tax return and submit a complete audit before 30th March 2012.

I request you to send me all the latest documents which include company’s balance sheets, cash flow statements and other account statements. In addition, I also want an income tax return of the previous year, 2011, to make comparisons.

I promise to complete the audit by 25th march 2012 with full details of every field. Please send me the above mentioned documents by first week of January.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely

Albert Whale


Will and Would Company

123 Cross Street

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