Confirmation Letters

Sample Confirmation Letter


Fran Hoffer

Casp Building

9th Monte Road

Central region, Nottingham


17th December 2011

Subject: Confirmation of employment in advertising sector.

Respected Sir

We are pleased to inform you that your CV is well efficient and strong to match up to our requirements in the advertising sector.  The management has taken a unanimous decision to appoint you as an employee for the Brandid Creative Advertisements. After key discussions, you are being confirmed at a position of an assistant.

This letter is aimed to confirm that your effective date of joining is 01/01/2012 with the scheduled timings from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Your salary for the above mentioned job would be $5,000 and would be payable on and before 2nd of every month.

Please signify your acceptance by signing this confirmation letter and returning at the earliest.

Brandid Creative Advertisements congratulates you on your conformation and wishes to see you blooming in your position.


Darwin Charles

Senior Executive

Brandid Creative Advertisement.

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