Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letter Format


_____________ [Name of the recipient]

____________ [Designation of the recipient, if any]

____________ [Name of the recipient’s company if any]

___________ [Address of the recipient]

_______________________ [Date on which letter is written]

Subject: [A precise and well framed subject for the letter is written]

Respected Sir/Madam [A proper salutation for the recipient]

First paragraph: [The first paragraph of the letter is used by a sender to explain the reason for writing a letter and extends to express his/her gratitude for being given the opportunity to confirm the desired option through a letter]

Second paragraph: [This is confined to hold the body of the letter explaining the main points such as confirmation of date, time and venue or any other specifications]

Third Paragraph: [This is a concluding Paragraph of the letter along with a general note of thanks]

Yours sincerely

_____________ [Name of the sender]

_____________ [Address of the sender]

____________ [Designation of the sender along with the name of the company]

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