Legal Letters

Legal Letters

Legal letters are formal and purposeful letters which must be written in a clear and concise manner.  Clarity and brevity are the two key factors to keep in mind while writing legal letters.

You must begin your letter by introducing yourself and also state the purpose of your writing.  The body of the letter must explain the reasons for this letter.  Explain in a logical and sequential manner maintaining clarity in both content and language.

As legal letters can have repercussions, it is a good idea to carefully edit your letters and check for factual and linguistic errors.  As legal implications can depend on the turn of words and phrases, use simple and unambiguous words and sentences.

Legal letters must include what kind of remedial or corrective action you wish the addressee to take.  It is usual to give a fixed time-frame for such an action.

The final paragraph can include what kind of action you may be pushed to take in case you do not get a positive reply.  Keep the tone of the letters firm and polite.  Avoid any implications of threat or rude statements in your letters.

Legal Letters

Notice of Assignment Letter


Mr. Andres Hamilton

General Manager- Sales & Marketing

Wilma Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Baker Building, Shangri Park

New York, U.S.A

Date: May 1st, 2012

Subject: A Notice of Assignment Letter

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

As per our telephonic discussion held yesterday, this is to notify you that Geneva Manufactures Pvt. Ltd as an assignor assigns its official rights concerning finance & payment issues to Rainbow Finances Pvt. Ltd (assignee) for the Marketing Project assigned to you on May 1st, 2012. Henceforth, Rainbow Finances Pvt. Ltd as assignee will take care of all payment concerns, whereas Geneva Manufactures Pvt. Ltd will not be a part to your Marketing project agreement.

Geneva Manufactures Pvt. Ltd will be solely responsible for delivering the required products within a committed time frame to Wilma Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Hence, Geneva Manufactures will not be responsible for clearing any of your payments hereon.

Please let us know if you have any queries regarding the same.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Jana Smith

General Manager- Supplies

Geneva Manufactures Pvt. Ltd

Legal Letters

Notice of Claim of Lien Letter


Mr. Mathew Grant

Construction Project Owner

Spencer Constructions Pvt. Ltd

56/ Industrial Estate, Baker Road,

London, United Kingdom

Date: May 1st, 2012

Subject: Notice of Claim of Lien

Dear Mr. Grant,

On the behalf of Rainbow Constructions Services Pvt. Ltd, I would like to bring this to your kind attention that the total claim of construction lien of $ 14000 for a completed construction housing project has not been received by our company. We have already received a sum of $ 4500 as a first instalment of our payment on February 21st, 2012 as committed. Kindly find enclosed an official document of claim which is signed by you at the time of Lien agreement.

As per the terms & conditions, Rainbow Construction Services Pvt. Ltd (claimer) is entitled to receive the lien claim of $14000 immediately after completing the assigned construction project. It’s been a month that we have not received any satisfactory response from your side regarding the pending sum of claim.

You are requested to clear the Lien claim within seven days with an interest of $ 700 as per the Lien agreement.


Andrew McGraw

General Subcontractor- Rainbow Construction Services Pvt. Ltd

Legal Letters

Notice of Discovery Responses Letter


Ms. Jimmie Hurley

H. O. D- Research Department

Anderson Laboratory Pvt. Ltd

Hudson Street, Veronica Park

New Jersey, America

Date: May 2nd, 2012

Subject: Notice of Discovery Reponses Letter

Dear Ms. Hurley,

On behalf of Mr. William McGraw- General Manager- Research & Testing, we notify you on the trial success rate of case no: 678/ KL, based on Premature Hair Fall Solution research program which was served to you on January 2nd, 2012. Please note that we have not received any latest update/ response from the concerned research team of Anderson Laboratory Pvt. Ltd after April 23rd, 2012 of last month.

We have already contacted Mr. Thomason Atkinson- Project Manager of Anderson Laboratory in order to receive the timely response on the project’s success rate. As per our records, we have already provided two extensions for this project on March 31st, 2012 and the other one on April 12th, 2012.

Here, we provide you a time frame of 5 days in order to submit the genuine response with clarification to the aforementioned matter.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and courtesy in this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Hennery Spencer

Manager- Research & Testing

Andrew Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Legal Letters

Notice of Rescission Letter


Mrs. Wilma Williams

Manager- Accounts

Eagle Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Office Square, Hudson Street

New Jersey, U.S.A

Date; May 1st, 2012

Date: A Notice of recession Letter to the Client Company!

Dear Mrs. Williams,

On behalf of Rainbow Group of Companies, this is to inform you that, hereby, I cancel all the monthly transaction which I have initiated in the first week of this month. A payment transaction of $ 7, 000 which was entered on April 21st, 2012 by me will be transacted as committed for completing April Sales projects.

You can consider the notice of recession which was sent to you in the last week of April month by Ms. Linda Gomes- Manager- Accounts. As you are aware, this notice of recession is valid for the three days after client’s approval as per the Federal Law. I have received your feedback on this notice of recession after five days. Thus, I am cancelling all the new payment transactions as well as sales projects which we committed to initiate together in the month of May.

Please note that due to the recession period, Rainbow Group of Companies is not able to start its upcoming projects at high payments.


Mr. Adam Barossa

General Manager- Accounts

Rainbow Group of Companies Pvt Ltd

Legal Letters

Promissory Note Demand Letter


Mr. James Anderson

General Manager- Finance & Accounts

Joan & John Suppliers Pvt. Ltd

Enrique Building, Spencer Park,

New York, U.S.A

Date: May 1st, 2012

Sub: promissory note demand letter.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

As per your telephonic discussion with Mr. Mathew Smith- General Manager- Finance & Accounts of our company, we have drafted a promissory demand note after evaluating all the terms & conditions of both the parties. In this promissory demand note, Billbug Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd (the maker) will make a total payment of $ 5000 for which the calculated principal amount is $ 4500 and the amount of interest is: $ 500 to Joan & John Suppliers Pvt. Ltd (payee) within a committed duration of 1 month. For more details, kindly find enclosed official terms & conditions approved by the Maker and the Payee.

You are requested to submit your official response on this Promissory Note demand letter.

In case of any query please contact us on 99-383-38383 or at

Yours Sincerely,

Anna Hudson

Manager- Accounts

Billbug Sales& Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Legal Letters

Power of Attorney Letter


Haley Paul,

#44, Wirral,


London, CH46.

06th June, 2011

Subject: Issuance of power of attorney letter

Dear Mr. Haley,

I hereby bring to your kind attention that I am giving my general power of attorney to Mr. Richard who is my close legal associate. The reason for my giving this power of attorney to him is on account of my traveling to Europe for two months for official purpose. He will be responsible to enter into all transactions on my behalf during my absence. He will also be eligible to sign all documents on my behalf which are both official and personal transactions.

The transactions include handling bank accounts, selling and buying property, filing tax returns, accessing safe deposit lockers and any other assigned duties according to the power of attorney agreement. The power of attorney will continue to be in effect until and unless expressly revoked by me in writing. Please intimate receipt of this letter and your acceptance to the same within a week of receiving this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Kermode.

Legal Letters

Stop Payment Letter


Kim Pollins,

Branch Manager, Public Bank,

41, South Park,

New York.

20th March 2012

Subject: Request to bank to stop payment.

Dear Mr. Kim,

I, Roger Frank (Chartered Accountant at Synergy Inc.), is writing a letter to you to request to stop payment for the following cheque number:

Cheque Number: 87654

Amount: $5,800

Recipient: AG Steel Manufacturers

Date: 18th March 2012

Account Number: 2178978-096786

I want you to take this on priority and issue a ‘stop-payment’ on the above mentioned cheque number. We had a telephonic conversation yesterday and you said the matter will be resolved. So this is to reminder for the same.

I also authorize to deduct service charge from my savings account for the above mentioned account number.

Kindly take this into consideration and please provide me written conformation that the payment on this cheque has been stopped. Thank you in advance.

Yours’ Sincerely,

Roger Frank,

Chartered Accountant, Synergy Inc.,

153, East Bay,

New York.

Legal Letters

Tender of Defense Letter


Stephen Andrews,


Richmond Insurance Company,

#13, Luton,


London, LU4

26th December, 2011

Subject: Issue of tender of defense letter to Insurance Company

Dear Mr. Stephen,

I am writing with reference to the complaint received on account of the lawsuit. I am enclosing all the necessary documents pertaining to the same along with this letter. I strongly support the lawsuit and that the insurance company is liable to pay under the policy coverage for such an incident.

The insurance agreement also specifically has laid down in it the terms under which the claim can be entertained. Thus as my insurance company you are required to defend me in the said matter. I therefore tender my defense in the aforesaid matter with the insurance company.

Also kindly advise me if an attorney will be appointed by your company or I need to appoint one myself. You quick response in this matter is highly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Andrew Helm.

Legal Letters

Unsatisfactory Product Letter


Robin Sherian,


Overton Manufacturing Ltd,

#1, Bridlington,

North Humberside,

London, YO16

24th October, 2011

Dear Mr. Robin,

I am writing to you with regard to the delivery of products received from your manufacturing unit yesterday. On checking by our quality control team we have found the products to be unsatisfactory as per the requirements specified by us while placing the order for the consignment. It is highly disappointing from a highly prestigious organization like yours to have not adhered to the specifications given by us.

I therefore request you to give us either a replacement of the entire consignment or refund the amount paid by us within a week. In case you organization is unable to give us a proper solutions as requested we will be compelled to take legal action as a last resort. Hope to hear soon from your end and resolution to this issue at the earliest.

Yours truly,

William Alan

ABC Limited.