Legal Letters

Power of Attorney Letter


Haley Paul,

#44, Wirral,


London, CH46.

06th June, 2011

Subject: Issuance of power of attorney letter

Dear Mr. Haley,

I hereby bring to your kind attention that I am giving my general power of attorney to Mr. Richard who is my close legal associate. The reason for my giving this power of attorney to him is on account of my traveling to Europe for two months for official purpose. He will be responsible to enter into all transactions on my behalf during my absence. He will also be eligible to sign all documents on my behalf which are both official and personal transactions.

The transactions include handling bank accounts, selling and buying property, filing tax returns, accessing safe deposit lockers and any other assigned duties according to the power of attorney agreement. The power of attorney will continue to be in effect until and unless expressly revoked by me in writing. Please intimate receipt of this letter and your acceptance to the same within a week of receiving this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Kermode.

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