Legal Letters

Stop Payment Letter


Kim Pollins,

Branch Manager, Public Bank,

41, South Park,

New York.

20th March 2012

Subject: Request to bank to stop payment.

Dear Mr. Kim,

I, Roger Frank (Chartered Accountant at Synergy Inc.), is writing a letter to you to request to stop payment for the following cheque number:

Cheque Number: 87654

Amount: $5,800

Recipient: AG Steel Manufacturers

Date: 18th March 2012

Account Number: 2178978-096786

I want you to take this on priority and issue a ‘stop-payment’ on the above mentioned cheque number. We had a telephonic conversation yesterday and you said the matter will be resolved. So this is to reminder for the same.

I also authorize to deduct service charge from my savings account for the above mentioned account number.

Kindly take this into consideration and please provide me written conformation that the payment on this cheque has been stopped. Thank you in advance.

Yours’ Sincerely,

Roger Frank,

Chartered Accountant, Synergy Inc.,

153, East Bay,

New York.

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