Legal Letters

Tender of Defense Letter


Stephen Andrews,


Richmond Insurance Company,

#13, Luton,


London, LU4

26th December, 2011

Subject: Issue of tender of defense letter to Insurance Company

Dear Mr. Stephen,

I am writing with reference to the complaint received on account of the lawsuit. I am enclosing all the necessary documents pertaining to the same along with this letter. I strongly support the lawsuit and that the insurance company is liable to pay under the policy coverage for such an incident.

The insurance agreement also specifically has laid down in it the terms under which the claim can be entertained. Thus as my insurance company you are required to defend me in the said matter. I therefore tender my defense in the aforesaid matter with the insurance company.

Also kindly advise me if an attorney will be appointed by your company or I need to appoint one myself. You quick response in this matter is highly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Andrew Helm.

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