Legal Letters

Unsatisfactory Product Letter


Robin Sherian,


Overton Manufacturing Ltd,

#1, Bridlington,

North Humberside,

London, YO16

24th October, 2011

Dear Mr. Robin,

I am writing to you with regard to the delivery of products received from your manufacturing unit yesterday. On checking by our quality control team we have found the products to be unsatisfactory as per the requirements specified by us while placing the order for the consignment. It is highly disappointing from a highly prestigious organization like yours to have not adhered to the specifications given by us.

I therefore request you to give us either a replacement of the entire consignment or refund the amount paid by us within a week. In case you organization is unable to give us a proper solutions as requested we will be compelled to take legal action as a last resort. Hope to hear soon from your end and resolution to this issue at the earliest.

Yours truly,

William Alan

ABC Limited.

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