Legal Letters

Promissory Note Letter


David Alderson,

#23, Doncaster,

South Yorkshire,

London, DN12

05th March, 2012

Subject: Intimation on issuance of promissory note

Dear Mr. David,

I am hereby writing this letter with reference to the promissory note that I have issued. I have issued the promissory note in favor of Mr. Anderson and is executable when the promise to fulfill the legalities of the monetary transaction fails. The promissory note has been notarized and signed by two witnesses as well. I wish to forward the promissory note in your favor on account of the business transaction that we both have entered into as I am unable to tender the amount required for it right now.

You can use this promissory note, in case if I fail to pay the promised amount on time.

Please acknowledge receipt of this promissory and the other necessary documents that are enclosed with this letter.

Yours truly,

Joseph Tolley.

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