Leave Letters

Condolence Leave Letter


Smith Jones,

General Manager, Hatkinson Group of Industries,

301-303, Mille Chile,



14th March 2012

Subject: Condolence leave letter request.

Respected Sir,

I, Henry James (Maintenance dept.), request you to grant me leave for 6 days as my mother has got expired due to cancer illness.

She was in mid stage of her illness. Doctor has said that she will be recovering very soon but suddenly today morning she had an attack due to some infection and she passed away. I am very disappointed and need some days to come out of this trauma. I hope you understand.

My father alone will not be able to handle all the funeral work and so I need few days leave. I have explained and handed over all the ongoing project work to Mr. Adams of our team and asked him to contact me in case of any need.

I hope you will understand by situation and will grant me leave.

Yours Sincerely,

Henry James,

Sr. Head (Maintenance dept.),

Hatkinson Group of Industries.

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