Leave Letters

Family Medical Leave Letter


John Joseph,

General Manager, Samson Projects,

101, Beverly Hills,

New York.

15th March 2012

Subject: Family medical leave letter request.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to request you to please grant me leave for a month’s time as my wife and I are both suffering from typhoid.

My wife was already suffering from typhoid since last week and now I have also got infection with high fever and vomiting. After having laboratory tests, I came to know that I am also suffering from typhoid. There is no one in our family to look after and since we both are suffering from illness, I request you to grant me leave. I will help my colleagues through phone in all the official work.

Hope you understand and process the request as soon as possible. I shall be commencing office from next month. Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Bill Thomas,

Project Manager, Samson Projects.

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