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Bereavement Leave Letter


Betty Johnson,

General Manager, C&M Group of Industries,

620,South Bay,



14th March 2012

Subject: Bereavement leave letter request – Paul Adams.

Respected Sir,

I, Paul Adams (Sr. Software Developer), request you to grant me leave for 4 days as my father expired today morning due to severe heart attack.

He was completely fine till last night but suddenly got an attack today morning. I am the only child of my family and so I have to look after all the funeral work. I am in an extreme condition right now and need some time to come out of all this. I am left alone at home now, as my mother expired at my birth and I have no brothers or sisters. Hope you understand my situation.

I request you to grant leave and process it soon. Thanks in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Robinson,

Sr. Software Developer, C&M Group of Industries.

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