Leave Letters

One Day Leave Application Letter


Paula J Lewis,

XYZ Limited

#4, Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Tyne and Wear,

London, NE16

Date: 15th February, 2011

Subject: Leave application letter for a day

Dear Ms. Paula,

I would like to apply for a leave of one day on account of some personal work that I cannot afford to miss. I will be taking leave on 21st February, 2011. As it is Saturday on that day I expect there will not be much work load. Even though I do understand that this month is very crucial for our business as it is the year end, I have very urgent work which I need to complete. I will have to do this work myself and cannot assign it to anyone else. I also request you to note that I have not availed even a single day leave for the past three months.

Thanking you for your time and consideration. Hope to get your confirmation with regard to my one day leave application positively.

Yours truly,

Ronald Jackson.

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