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Notice of Rescission Letter


Mrs. Wilma Williams

Manager- Accounts

Eagle Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Office Square, Hudson Street

New Jersey, U.S.A

Date; May 1st, 2012

Date: A Notice of recession Letter to the Client Company!

Dear Mrs. Williams,

On behalf of Rainbow Group of Companies, this is to inform you that, hereby, I cancel all the monthly transaction which I have initiated in the first week of this month. A payment transaction of $ 7, 000 which was entered on April 21st, 2012 by me will be transacted as committed for completing April Sales projects.

You can consider the notice of recession which was sent to you in the last week of April month by Ms. Linda Gomes- Manager- Accounts. As you are aware, this notice of recession is valid for the three days after client’s approval as per the Federal Law. I have received your feedback on this notice of recession after five days. Thus, I am cancelling all the new payment transactions as well as sales projects which we committed to initiate together in the month of May.

Please note that due to the recession period, Rainbow Group of Companies is not able to start its upcoming projects at high payments.


Mr. Adam Barossa

General Manager- Accounts

Rainbow Group of Companies Pvt Ltd

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