Introduction Letters

New Restaurant Introduction Letter


Mr. Andrew James

5th Avenue, Berlin Street

London, United Kingdom

Date: May 1st, 2012

Subject: Introduction of a New Restaurant of Pizza Corner

Dear Mr. James,

On the behalf of Piazza Corner Restaurant, I am glad to inform that the new restaurant of Piazza Corner is shortly going to be open at Berlin street right next to your house. We have also introduced a fresh menu of delicious pizzas with a range of mouth-watering pastas and yummy deserts at affordable prices. For more information, kindly find enclosed menu of new pizza corner restaurant along with a free coupon of $70.

We have also improved the Pizza corner day and night services. We are now open 24 hours with full customer support. We offer absolutely free home delivery service within an area of 20 kilometres.

Any time you like to try our yummy menu, please feel free to give us a call at our toll free number: 7989 679 7998. We ensure to serve you with the best of our home delivery services.

Yours Sincerely,

Adam Thomson

Manager- Pizza Corner

Introduction Letters

Sample Business Introduction Letter


Welsh Drum,

Wisconsin 53994


Peter Hall-Brock,

Equity Investment Group,

New York 52788

Dear Sir,

I am Welsh Drum working as a consultant since past many years for equity sector.  I, therefore, would like to get into equity sector on a broader picture and get expertise in other related sectors to make by business grow.  I have knowledge about your company being in this equity sector for the past couple of years and have achieved name for its best business dealings.

We together can have a business dedicated to specific sectors which are related to equity sector.  Thus, we can provide more dedicated services to our clients and ring in more business than usual.  Since there is a huge scope, we certainly will benefit from this business sample and make headways to garner more strength for our main business.

I will be waiting for your kind reply in this regard as soon as possible and probably with some inputs with which you would take an active part in building a consensus to have such kind of business into reality.

Yours Truly,

Welsh Drum

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Introduction Letters

Email Introduction Letter


Kerry Kruger,

A3 Avenue,  Broadway Communications,

New York 520276


Victor Alice,

Star Production House,

New York 52787

Dear Mr. Victor,

I am, Kerry Kruger, from Broadway Communications hereby would like to provide you official email address for our corporate communications.  Since long time we have had talk on our cell phones, it would be of great help to both of our companies to deal within corporate identity.  This is our email address i.e.

We welcome your response on the above-said email address for any kind of help you may need for any of our product details.  Kindly let me know for any possible tie-up with your company for any requirement of communication equipments in near future for your group companies.

I assume that there will be great, open communication flow between our companies after this.  If you like some of your email addresses of your company to be under our database wherein we provide latest and upcoming product launch information and details, etc.  I certainly wish to hear from you very soon taking this into consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Kerry Kruger

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Introduction Letters

Personal Introduction Letter


William Hutchison,

New York 520876


Grace Maryland,

New York 520987

Dear Madam,

I would like to introduce you a person of my relationship which is looking out for an opportunity to work on a partnership basis.  Since you told me that you also looking for a partner for your new venture, I have my own uncle’s son interested in the field which you too looking to explore.  His name is Johnson Lamington who is going to have a meeting with you once you decide about the time at which you want to meet him.

The said person would definitely be a good partner considering that he has the same opinion just like you on the industry you both want to work together.  I have also informed him about your needs and working ways to successfully launch a firm and achieve the targets set on a timeframe.  Hence, I left on you now to take a call on it from your end whenever you have time to convey the meeting.

Yours Sincerely,

William Hutchison

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Introduction Letters

Self Introduction Letter


Merry Grace,

New York 542066


Timothy Elvis,

Pristine Group,

Wisconsin 57684

Dear Sir,

I hereby like to self introduce myself to you that I am Merry Grace and working on
assignment-driven projects.  I have successfully completed about 20 projects till date and wish to include your group for any possible projects.  Your group companies might take advantage of my assignment which is without having any failure record.  I am interested in completing all major works related to pre-constructive requirements to post constructive requirements at every corner of development from scratch.  Thus, this will give you an idea how I can handle from beginning to the end of the project.

I certainly wish to hear from your end for any detailed requirement for consideration on your side.  The scope and execution criteria will be as per your demand without putting much pressure on finances.  I assume that my introduction has given you an insight where and up to what I can deliver at what level.

Yours Sincerely,

Merry Grace

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Introduction Letters

Company Introduction Letter


Grace Wilson,

Realty Brokers Ltd.,

Wisconsin 52604


Francis Almeria,

Johnson Group of Companies,

30th Avenue,

Wisconsin 55084

Dear Mr. Francis,

I am Grace from Realty Brokers Ltd. which is based in Wisconsin and is dealing in reality business since past 20 years.  I would like to introduce my company to you as the one which has set many standards in realty sector and are followed by many reality biggies until now and will definitely be in future considering that it has been regarded as milestone in itself.  We have introduced only certain percentage as commission for commercial and/or technology parks by which our clients have benefited in almost every possible way.

Since you have many group companies, there might be requirement in near future on your expansion drive in the locality wherein we have greater approach and can deliver better deals.  I, therefore, would like to have your opinion on this and hopefully consideration of our association with us for any future deals by your organization for any reality sector.

Yours Sincerely,

Grace Wilson

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Introduction Letters

Sample Introduction Letter


Lewis Hamilton,

Eco-Dyes Manufacturer,

New Jersey 07660


Chris Atherton,

Lifestyle Décor Industry,

New Jersey 07605

Dear Chris,

This is to inform you that I have had a sample attached with this letter for your consideration for many of your products which require eco-friendly and nonpoisonous material.  Since your clientele includes many kids, our material will definitely be a positive turnaround for your business as a whole.  I, therefore, would like you to take a note of it and also do some research for further doubt clearance if any.  Our sample has tested all possible pre-requisite clearance from respective authorities and also has been recommended by Kids Safety Society.

This is to your knowledge that now-a-days many big industries are trying to take advantage of this method to uplift their business and generate greater profits.  You even need not be bothered about its cost, which is very much less compared to normal material being used.  For any type of queries, I am available for your help and together will make possibility to have a better relationship through this new venture.

Yours Truly,

Lewis Hamilton

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Introduction Letters

Introduce Professional Contact

The Manager

Westminster Bank


Dear Sir:

We are pleased to introduce M/s. Nordington Enterprises Ltd. to you as they are our regular client since 5 years. They are interested to open a Current Account and they are financially trustworthy besides creditworthy.

They have been hitherto operating in HBCC bank but due to certain procedural formalities which the bank has recently introduced, they could not cope up with the same and were contemplating a change when I thought of introducing them to you. They are into business of importing and exporting industrial chemicals and machineries and have been doing very well. They have clients in Europe, US, Japan and Germany.

Please accept them as your customer after completing the required formalities and extend the services you normally extend to corporate clients. Our bank will be proud to have such a client like Nordington Enterprises Ltd.

Thank you

Very truly yours

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Introduction Letters

Employee Introduction Letter

Dear colleagues,

I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our company. Mr. Mark Joseph has accepted our employment offer which was made to him some time ago. He will be assuming the position of staff liaison officer and will start doing his duties on Monday next week. Please join us for some tea and biscuits in the staff room so that you can meet and get acquainted with him on his first day with us.

Mr. Joseph has extensive experience in his field for ten years and has done wonderfully in his stay with his previous employers. He has been readied for the job by his master’s degree in business administration with a major in management.

As a liaison officer, he will be responsible for the fast conveyance of inter department communication as well as the external communications of the company. I hope you can all assist him in the performance of his job.


John Mannings

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Introduction Letters

New Employee Introduction Letter

Dear Mr. Tom Edwards,

I am introducing to you Mr. Harold Smith. He is a new employee at our department and has been hired for his expertise and excellent service record. I have personally interviewed him before being admitted to the department and have judged him to be a man of good moral background, admirable working attitude and impeccable education.

In the future, Harold will be handling some of the important tasks of my department. In the conduct of his assigned office chores, he will come in contact with your department. Because of this, I am sending him to you so that you can be better acquainted with him.

I have included his records with this letter for your review. Please feel free to call me for any comments you might have on him. If at any stage of your meeting you discover something which will jeopardize the operation of our company, please let me know as soon as you can.

Thank you


Jack Evans

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