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Email Introduction Letter


Kerry Kruger,

A3 Avenue,  Broadway Communications,

New York 520276


Victor Alice,

Star Production House,

New York 52787

Dear Mr. Victor,

I am, Kerry Kruger, from Broadway Communications hereby would like to provide you official email address for our corporate communications.  Since long time we have had talk on our cell phones, it would be of great help to both of our companies to deal within corporate identity.  This is our email address i.e.

We welcome your response on the above-said email address for any kind of help you may need for any of our product details.  Kindly let me know for any possible tie-up with your company for any requirement of communication equipments in near future for your group companies.

I assume that there will be great, open communication flow between our companies after this.  If you like some of your email addresses of your company to be under our database wherein we provide latest and upcoming product launch information and details, etc.  I certainly wish to hear from you very soon taking this into consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Kerry Kruger

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