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New Employee Introduction Letter

Dear Mr. Tom Edwards,

I am introducing to you Mr. Harold Smith. He is a new employee at our department and has been hired for his expertise and excellent service record. I have personally interviewed him before being admitted to the department and have judged him to be a man of good moral background, admirable working attitude and impeccable education.

In the future, Harold will be handling some of the important tasks of my department. In the conduct of his assigned office chores, he will come in contact with your department. Because of this, I am sending him to you so that you can be better acquainted with him.

I have included his records with this letter for your review. Please feel free to call me for any comments you might have on him. If at any stage of your meeting you discover something which will jeopardize the operation of our company, please let me know as soon as you can.

Thank you


Jack Evans

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