Introduction Letters

Company Introduction Letter


Grace Wilson,

Realty Brokers Ltd.,

Wisconsin 52604


Francis Almeria,

Johnson Group of Companies,

30th Avenue,

Wisconsin 55084

Dear Mr. Francis,

I am Grace from Realty Brokers Ltd. which is based in Wisconsin and is dealing in reality business since past 20 years.  I would like to introduce my company to you as the one which has set many standards in realty sector and are followed by many reality biggies until now and will definitely be in future considering that it has been regarded as milestone in itself.  We have introduced only certain percentage as commission for commercial and/or technology parks by which our clients have benefited in almost every possible way.

Since you have many group companies, there might be requirement in near future on your expansion drive in the locality wherein we have greater approach and can deliver better deals.  I, therefore, would like to have your opinion on this and hopefully consideration of our association with us for any future deals by your organization for any reality sector.

Yours Sincerely,

Grace Wilson

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