Introduction Letters

Self Introduction Letter


Merry Grace,

New York 542066


Timothy Elvis,

Pristine Group,

Wisconsin 57684

Dear Sir,

I hereby like to self introduce myself to you that I am Merry Grace and working on
assignment-driven projects.  I have successfully completed about 20 projects till date and wish to include your group for any possible projects.  Your group companies might take advantage of my assignment which is without having any failure record.  I am interested in completing all major works related to pre-constructive requirements to post constructive requirements at every corner of development from scratch.  Thus, this will give you an idea how I can handle from beginning to the end of the project.

I certainly wish to hear from your end for any detailed requirement for consideration on your side.  The scope and execution criteria will be as per your demand without putting much pressure on finances.  I assume that my introduction has given you an insight where and up to what I can deliver at what level.

Yours Sincerely,

Merry Grace

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