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Ron Howard

Managing Director

Little Group Limited

45 Yankee Doodle Road

New York, New jersey 4567

Dated: 23rd of October 2012

Dear Mr. Howard,

I, on behalf of Help the World Organization would like to bring to your kind notice that we are planning to organize education facility centers for children in Somalia.  In order to do that, we would be requiring a huge amount of fund.

You must be aware that ninety percent of the children in Somalia are deprived of a normal lifestyle. Even it is difficult for them to have proper nutrition. We are trying our best so that the childhood of these children are not wasted. So we are providing education facility to them so that they receive basic education.

It would be great if you could provide a certain amount to add on to the fund required to provide these facilities to them.

Thanking you,

Jose Moore

Relations Manager

Help the World Organization

Fundraising Letters

Perfect Fundraising Letter

Dear Scarlet,

Hi, what’s going on? It has been a long time that we talked. I assume that your exams would have been as good as they always are. No one who knows you will deny with the fact that you are a perfect philanthropist among the entire friend circle. Today, even I have realised my obligations towards the society and the surroundings. I have got myself engrossed in the task of installing solar light source for those who are facing difficulty in making up for it.

You were the one who induced this ideology in me that we are the people who make up for the society and hence we are the one who are responsible for everything in our society. The energy crisis which the human race faces is apparent everywhere and use of solar power would do wonders. I am waiting with bated breath for seeking help from you.

Yours friendly,


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Fundraising Letters

Not For Profit Fundraising Letter

Dear Angela,

How are you? And how are the preparations going on for the final term? There is everything going good for me. However, this letter has a hint of desperation from my side. This desperation is to collect a humongous amount for a cause. The cause is to make a feeding area for all orphans in our locality. You might wonder that this task is too big for me to shoulder and I totally agree with you. Hence, I am urging for fundraising help to you. Little or more, whatever you feel like contributing, everything is welcomed.

Also, the urge continues for wooing as many people as possible for this fundraising campaign. I have acquired all the necessary permissions and the process is stuck for the supply of funds. A collective effort will see this endeavour converting into reality. I know you would not let me down as usual. Waiting for you help,

Yours friendly,


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Fundraising Letters

Great Fundraising Letter

Dear Smithy,

This letter comes in for a special cause. I am writing this letter to urge to you to help me in the fundraising task that I have undertaken. This fundraising task is for making guards around the saplings which we have planted around a month ago. Pet animals in the neighbourhood and careless human activities have resulted in the bruising of the saplings and today they stand on the verge of a fatal consequence.

The guarding around these saplings will do away with all the problems and will help these saplings to become healthy trees. I have go the quotations for the guarding to be erected. The amount is fairly big; but not as much as the task for which it is required. I know that you would be more than willing to help me. However, we might need more help and hence try to gather as much support as possible.

Your pal,


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Fundraising Letters

Fundraising Letters

Business fundraising letter

Mr. Christian Allen


One Publishing Company

New York, NY 10027

November 24, 2010

Mr. Dennis Kramer


Simple Clothing, Inc.

New York, NY 10027

Dear Mr. Kramer,

Our company has worked on several projects together this year and we are hoping that you would once again work hand-in-hand with us in this endeavor.  We wish to hold numerous gift-giving activities to poor children in Haiti this December in celebration of Christmas.  Our company will be providing clothes for the beneficiaries but we hope to link arms with other companies like you to be able to provide more help to the needy children.

We have had a good working relationship with you and we know that your company values its corporate social responsibility.  We have attached a copy of the budgetary needs for the said project for your reference.  You may contact our External Affairs office for more details.

Thank you.  We hope for your favorable response.


Christian Allen

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Fundraising Letters

Campaign fundraising letter

Mr. Brent Woods


Rights Organization

San Antonio, TX 78244

November 13, 2010

Mr. Leonard O’Donnell

Elk Trail Dr

San Antonio, TX 78244

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,

Good day!

It is sad that despite the declaration of human rights signed by numerous countries across the globe, human rights violations still persist in the world.  Thousands are still suffering from poverty, hunger, injustice, and discrimination.  It is for this reason that our organization was established in 1990, to uphold human rights in the world.

This December 10, the whole world will be commemorating the International Day of Human Rights.  We will be commemorating this through a month-long information campaign to remind everyone about the rights of every individual.  In this regard, we would like to solicit financial support from generous individuals like you to fund the said campaign.  We greatly appreciate whatever you can contribute to us.

For inquiries, you may contact us at 210-661-6999.

Thank you.


Brent Woods

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Fundraising Letters

Formal fundraising letter

Mr. Justin Jones


Caring World Foundation

Whitefield, ME 04353

January 14, 2011

Ms. Angelina Dion


Great Foods, Inc.

South Portland, ME 04106

Dear Ms. Dion,

Caring World Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization that hopes to do its share in making the world a better place to live in for everyone.  Thousands are still suffering from poverty everywhere and we hope to help in alleviating them from poverty and providing their basic needs.

In March, we will be holding feeding programs and medical missions in two countries in Asia that are among the poorest in the world.  We want to provide some food and medical support to areas where malnutrition and sickness are pervading.

In this light, we hope to solicit support from your good company.  This may be in the form of finance or in kind (canned goods, etc.).

Thank you.  We are aware that your company supports such causes and we hope for your approval.


Justin Jones

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Fundraising Letters

Fundraising letter template

(Sender’s Name)

(Sender’s Address)


(Recepient’s Name)

(Recepient’s Address)

Dear Mr./Ms. (Name),

Warm greetings!

I am a representative of (Name of group or organization), an organization that was established in (date).  Our organization aims to (group’s objective/s).  At present, we now have 1,000 members across the country.

On (date of activity), we will be holding a (name of activity) which aims to help needy families in poor countries.  As a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization, we are financially constrained to pursue the activity without the generous help of individuals and other organizations.  In this regard, we would like to solicit any financial or material support from your good office to help offset the expenses of the said activity.  Any support you extend to us will be a great contribution to the success of the activity and will be highly appreciated by our group and our beneficiaries.

For more information, please contact us at _______________.

Thank you.  We hope you join us in this meaningful endeavor.


Your Name and Signature

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Fundraising Letters

Sample fundraising letter

Ms. Alicia Hogan


Young Writers’ Club

Fort Myers, FL 33967

January 12, 2011

Mr. Kevin Smith

Crocus Ct

Fort Myers, FL 33967

Dear Mr. Smith,

Warm greetings!

We are a group of young enthusiasts who love writing and hope to develop our skills and talents in all kinds of writing.  One of our aim is also to encourage more youth to enhance and make use of their writing skills.  We believe that writing is an important tool in effective communication and improving literacy in the country.

We plan to hold a writing workshop for free for children aged 8-10 years old next month as one way of reaching our goal.  For the activity to push through, we will be raising funds through a book fair next week.  In this regard, we would like to solicit copies of any of your books which we could sell at the fair.

Thank you.  We hope for your warm support.


Alicia Hogan

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Fundraising Letters

School fundraising letter

Dr. Evelyn Willis


Houlton School

Houlton, ME 04730

February 8, 2010

Mr. Tom Spacey


Best Printing Company

Houlton, ME 04730

Dear Mr. Spacey,

Warm greetings!

In behalf of the California College, I am writing this letter to request for your support to our fundraising dinner on February 20, 7:00 PM at the Elegant Cafe.  We are hoping to raise funds to be able to put up an additional audio-visual room for the College of Communication.  Our current facilities are no longer enough to accommodate all our students taking up subjects that require use of an audio-visual room.  At the moment, we have only half the amount we need to put up the said room.

We hope you would be able to attend the fundraising dinner.  Your support will contribute to the attainment of our goal to provide better education to our youth.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us at 207-555-7811.

Thank you.  We hope for your positive response.


Dr. Evelyn Willis

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