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Business fundraising letter

Mr. Christian Allen


One Publishing Company

New York, NY 10027

November 24, 2010

Mr. Dennis Kramer


Simple Clothing, Inc.

New York, NY 10027

Dear Mr. Kramer,

Our company has worked on several projects together this year and we are hoping that you would once again work hand-in-hand with us in this endeavor.  We wish to hold numerous gift-giving activities to poor children in Haiti this December in celebration of Christmas.  Our company will be providing clothes for the beneficiaries but we hope to link arms with other companies like you to be able to provide more help to the needy children.

We have had a good working relationship with you and we know that your company values its corporate social responsibility.  We have attached a copy of the budgetary needs for the said project for your reference.  You may contact our External Affairs office for more details.

Thank you.  We hope for your favorable response.


Christian Allen

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