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Goodbye letter to boyfriend

Ms. Esther Truman

Cape Coral, FL 33990

August 25, 2010

Mr. Victor Longoria

Freeport Ave

Marco Island, FL 34145

Dear Victor,

It is sad to break this news through a letter but I must do so now.  The one year we have spent together has been full of happy and sad moments, but mostly sad moments for me.  The first time we were together, everything was blissful.  You were the most caring and thoughtful boyfriend I have ever had, so much that I thought you and I would be headed to the church altar in no time at all.  However, things changed so fast after that first month.  You began to disregard me and take me for granted.  Gone was the thoughtful person and in place was someone who cared more for his friends and personal interests.  I do not regret that I have loved you but I must say goodbye to you now before I lose more from this relationship.

Goodbye, Victor.


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