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Great Fundraising Letter

Dear Smithy,

This letter comes in for a special cause. I am writing this letter to urge to you to help me in the fundraising task that I have undertaken. This fundraising task is for making guards around the saplings which we have planted around a month ago. Pet animals in the neighbourhood and careless human activities have resulted in the bruising of the saplings and today they stand on the verge of a fatal consequence.

The guarding around these saplings will do away with all the problems and will help these saplings to become healthy trees. I have go the quotations for the guarding to be erected. The amount is fairly big; but not as much as the task for which it is required. I know that you would be more than willing to help me. However, we might need more help and hence try to gather as much support as possible.

Your pal,


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Fundraising Letters

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