Complaint Letters

Complaint Letters

The purpose of a complaint letter is to bring your grievance to the notice of the concerned party so that corrective action can be taken wherever possible.  While writing a complaint letter, it is important to address it to the right department.  If the letter does not reach the right people then the purpose is defeated.  Similarly, you must include your contact details as well.

Complaint letters need not be strong worded and rude.  It is more effective to put forth your complaint in a firm yet polite tone.  It is also a good idea to suggest what kind of remedial action you would like the concerned party to take.

State your complaint in a simple and concise manner backing up your case with photocopies of receipts or other relevant documents.  Stick to the facts and avoid sweeping statements deriding everything in general.  Keep the letters to the point and short.

Tact can achieve what sarcasm and rudeness cannot.  So, try and include a couple of positive points as well along with your complaint.  This is sure to act as a balm to the bruised ego and your complaint would be taken in the right spirit.

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Complaint Letters

Contractor Complaint Letter


Bruce Wayne

Managing Director

Bates Cleaning & Repairing Services

34 Straight Drive road

Sin City, Las Vegas 7890

Dated:  12th of February 2012

Subject: Complaint against the service provided

Dear Mr. Wayne,

This letter is in regards to the contractor service that we had provided to your organization for the cleaning and plumbing service at our office premise. I want to lodge a complaint against the service provided by your men.

We had given you the contract on 15th of January 2012 to ensure that the office premise is cleaned and any damages in the washroom are also repaired. You had sent your team of men for the repairing work, but I feel that the service provided by your men is incomplete as there are lots of pipes in the washroom which are still leaking.

I would request you to send your men again and get the work completed or else we would not pay the rest of the contractual amount.


Adam Sandler

Administration head,

Gas garments



Complaint Letters

Complaint Letters

Billing Complaint Letter


Bill Murray

Customer Service Department Head

Tele Brands Products Limited

45 Regina High Road,

South Dakota, Carolina State 6789

Dated: 5th of February 2012

Subject: Complaint against billing error

Dear Mr. Murray,

This letter is in regards to the billing error in the amount of $2000 on the purchase transaction number 5678 dated on 31st of January 2012.

I had called your tele brand services  on 31st of January 2012 to place an order for a set of abs rocker with a product code of AR78, but when I received the bill along with the product yesterday I realized that I have been charged for a treadmill along with the abs rocker when I have never ordered for a treadmill. This kind of service is not expected from your end. I have charged $1500 more from that of my original billing amount.

I am enclosing a copy of the bill received from your end. Please look into the matter as soon as possible and refund my amount.


Oliver Twist

Complaint Letters

Follow Up Complaint Letter


Nancy Myers

Store Manger

Wall Mart Departmental Stores

56 Yankee Doodle Street,

Brisbane, United Kingdom 6790

Dated: 17th of February 2012

Subject: Follow up for the complaint.

Dear Mrs. Myers,

This letter is a follow up to the complaint made at your departmental store on 10th of February 2012. I had made a complaint in regards to a purchase made by me on the same day.

I had purchased ten cans of baked beans from your store on 10th of February 2012. I had failed to check the expiry date at the time of purchase. On reaching home I found that five of the cans have expired. I lodged a complaint at the billing counter that day itself and the executive assured me to get back after talking to his seniors. It’s been 7 days and I have received no response from your store.

I would request you to take necessary action and refund me the amount or else I will have to go to the consumer court.


John Woo

Complaint Letters

Free Complaint Letter


Lim Mason

Complaints Department Head

Rick Garments Retail Limited

31 Sun Shine Avenue

York Shire, Las Vegas 6790

Dated: 3rd of February 2012

Subject: Complaint regarding purchase made

Dear Mr. Mason

This letter is in regards to the purchase of garments made by me from your retails store on 1st of February 2012. I had purchased five shirts and three trousers out of which three shirts have turned out to be torn.

I have been purchasing garments from your store since last two years, but, I have never come across such situation before. I found three shirts out of the five to be torn. I would request you to refund me for the damages incurred or give me three new shirts instead of these shirts.

I would request you look into the matter immediately and take some action. I believe that you would not like to lose one of your regular customers.


Larry King


Complaint forms

Complaint Letters

Customer Service Complaint Letter


Ryan Harris

Marketing Manager

Tele Medicine Consultancy Limited

23 Universal High Street

Brooklyn City, Iowa 4987

Dated: 3rd of February 2012

Subject: Complaint against customer service

Dear Mr. Harris,

This letter is in regards to the telephonic conversation I had with one of your customer service executives on 2nd of February 2012. I am very disappointed with the quality of customer service received and would like to lodge a complaint.

I had called your company on 2nd of February 2012 to place an order for some medicines. The behavior of the customer service executive was a turn off. He sounded very rude on the call. He did not sound helpful at all and above that he had no knowledge about all the existing products. As a result I could not place my order. When I asked him to transfer the call to a supervisor he refused. This type of behavior is not at all acceptable.

I request you to look into the matter as soon as possible.


Jack Brown

Complaint Letters

Noise Complaint Letter


Jack Ripper

Building Secretary

Sun Rise Apartments

43 West Side Road

New York, New Jersey 8567

Dated: 12th of February 2012

Subject: Complaint regarding noise made

Dear Mr. Ripper,

This letter is in regards to the noise coming from the neighborhood apartment due to ongoing construction. This noise is very disturbing and I would like it to be stopped immediately.

There has been a noise coming continuously since last one month from flat number 403. I believe that the noise is the result of the construction taking place at their apartment since last one month. The noise comes not only during the day time but also during the night time. As a result my family members and I feel disturbed. We have a senior citizen staying at our apartment who is not keeping well health wise.

I would be highly grateful if you take an action immediately and ensure that the noise is stopped.


Norman Creed

Flat no. 401

Sun Rise Apartments



Complaint Letters

Complaint Letters

Complaint Letter to Human Resources


Tom Moody

HR Manager

Tech Consultancy Limited

45 Technology Park Road

New York, New Jersey 5678

Dated: 4th of February 2012

Subject: Complaint regarding transfer of less salary

Dear Mr. Moody,

This letter is in regards to my salary credited in the month of January. I have checked my salary slip and I believe that I have received less salary than what I am entitled to.

My monthly salary is $4000. But when I was checking out my salary account for the month of January I found that $1000 less has been credited in the account.  I contacted the HR executive of the company 2 days back regarding the same but have not yet got any reply.

I have never faced such situation before. This is not expected from the human resource department of such a reputed company.

I would request you to look into the matter and take action immediately.

Thanking you,

Henry Cooper

Assistant Manager

Marketing department

Complaint Letters

Complaint Letter to Airline


Sid Malaya

Assistant manager

Customer Complaint Department

Jet Ski Airways

24 Hear Loud Road

North Carolina, California 7699

Dated: 2nd of January 2012

Subject: Complaint for food quality on flight

Respected Mr. Malaya,

This letter is in regards to the food served by your in crew attendants in the flight in which I was travelling on 31st of December 2012. The food was of a very inferior quality, above that the quantity of the food was also less.

I had placed a complaint regarding the food to the cabin crew but they refused to change it. The food did not tasted fresh at all. It was smelling stale and  was not at all worth eating. The quantity served is also very less and cannot suffice an adult. You need to increase the meal size.

I am a regular flyer of your flights and would request you take look into the matter as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Neil Arm Strong

Complaint Letters

Complaint Letter Form

Dated: ____________

Name:  First _________________ Middle _____________ Surname ______________

Address: Street address: _______________ City _______________ State _________________ Zip code _______________


Name: ________________

Designation: ________________

Organization name: ____________________

Address: Street address: _______________ City _______________ State _________________ Zip code _______________

Reason for complaint: ______________________


Dear _________________________,

I am writing this letter to place a complaint regarding _______________________________ purchased from your organization. I had never expected that I would have to fill up this complaint form.

The purchase was made by me on _____________________ at _____________.

I had found that the _________________ was of inferior quality and it was ______________. This is never expected from a brand like yours and considering the reputation that you have.

I would kindly request you to please take immediate action and refund me the amount that I have spent on the purchase. I am also enclosing the bill along with this complaint letter form.

Thanking you,

Signature: _____________________