Complaint Letters

Complaint Letter Form

Dated: ____________

Name:  First _________________ Middle _____________ Surname ______________

Address: Street address: _______________ City _______________ State _________________ Zip code _______________


Name: ________________

Designation: ________________

Organization name: ____________________

Address: Street address: _______________ City _______________ State _________________ Zip code _______________

Reason for complaint: ______________________


Dear _________________________,

I am writing this letter to place a complaint regarding _______________________________ purchased from your organization. I had never expected that I would have to fill up this complaint form.

The purchase was made by me on _____________________ at _____________.

I had found that the _________________ was of inferior quality and it was ______________. This is never expected from a brand like yours and considering the reputation that you have.

I would kindly request you to please take immediate action and refund me the amount that I have spent on the purchase. I am also enclosing the bill along with this complaint letter form.

Thanking you,

Signature: _____________________

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