Complaint Letters

Follow Up Complaint Letter


Nancy Myers

Store Manger

Wall Mart Departmental Stores

56 Yankee Doodle Street,

Brisbane, United Kingdom 6790

Dated: 17th of February 2012

Subject: Follow up for the complaint.

Dear Mrs. Myers,

This letter is a follow up to the complaint made at your departmental store on 10th of February 2012. I had made a complaint in regards to a purchase made by me on the same day.

I had purchased ten cans of baked beans from your store on 10th of February 2012. I had failed to check the expiry date at the time of purchase. On reaching home I found that five of the cans have expired. I lodged a complaint at the billing counter that day itself and the executive assured me to get back after talking to his seniors. It’s been 7 days and I have received no response from your store.

I would request you to take necessary action and refund me the amount or else I will have to go to the consumer court.


John Woo

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