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Best Breakup Letter


William Clark

#45, Waterfall Avenue

Dallas, Texas


I am writing this letter and I hope you also know the reason that why I am writing this letter. William, we have been fighting with each other on numerous reasons for couple of months now. You also know that the relationship between us is getting weaker with each passing day, and I have started realizing that this the time when we should separate our ways.

I am moving to Washington for some time, as otherwise it would be very difficult for me to get over this relationship. Don’t blame yourself for this, because may be we both couldn’t understand each other. This is the only reason that I have taken the decision of breaking up. You are a nice person and I’ll always respect you. I hope you also recover from this breakup soon and give a fresh start to your life.

Hope that we’ll remain friends forever.


Breakup Letters

Breakup Letter to Boyfriend


Jay Robinson

6th  Jackson Avenue

Washington, CA


I have been able to write this letter after thinking a lot and the purpose of this letter is just to inform you that I have taken a decision about our relationship. I hope you’ll understand that this relationship is not working and we both in spite of putting so many efforts to make this relationship work, are not happy.

I think we took the decision of staying together very early, and we both are very different. We can never be happy with each other. So I have taken this decision and I hope you’ll also deal with this with maturely. You also know that our habits, our lifestyle is so different that                                                                                                                                                                            we cannot live together happily.

We can always be friends and I know one day you’ll find a girl with whom you’ll spend all your life happily. I wish all the happiness for you.


Breakup Letters

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Start writing the answers of the following questions, and you’ll be able to generate your breakup letter

  1. What do you feel about the breakup?
  2. Why are you breaking up? [Write the reason briefly and later on explain that]
  3. Who’s fault lead to breakup?
  4. Explain the current state of your relationship and the reasons that why your relationship arrived on this state.
  5. [Optional] Write something about the person with whom you are breaking up and any of his typical habits which you never liked.
  6. Write your viewpoint on your future after the relationship is over.
  7. What kind of relationship you’ll like to keep with this person in future, after the relationship is over. [You can also mention if you don’t want to keep any relationship with this person]
  8. Write the ending note.

[Your name]

Breakup Letters

Dramatic Breakup Letter


Mark Robinson

#451, Jackson Heights

Washington, CA


I am writing this letter to let you know that now I cannot handle this relationship anymore, I was trying for last so many days to make it work, but now I have realized that you cannot improve your habits. So it will be better for both of us to get out of this relationship, especially I want to get rid of your day by day increasing abusive behavior.

I still love u a lot, but I cannot handle the abuse. I don’t want any explanation from your side neither I want to speak to you. So don’t ever try to contact me on phone or anywhere else. I am also warning you that after this if you ever abuse me, I’ll call police into this matter. So it would be better for you if you stay away from me.

Try to relax yourself and try to handle life in a more calm way. This is the only last advice that I can give to you.


Breakup Letters

Funny Breakup Letter


Ethen Jones

#67,Spring Blvd

Washington, CA

Dear Ethen

I hope you were also expecting this to happen and I am also very happy while telling you that I want to end this silly relationship that is between us. This letter will clearly make you realize that you are not my type of guy and I realized that you don’t love me long time back. I was also enjoying dating with you after that because I didn’t had anybody else to spend time with.

Now that I have found a more charming and rich guy, all I want to tell you that I was also never serious in this relationship and I hate possessive guys like you who always want slaves, not girlfriends.

Now that this relationship is over I also wanted to tell you that I was also going around with your friend John, and he was much better then you. Let’s forget all this and each other, so that we can lead our lives happily.


Breakup Letters

Breakup Letter to a Cheater


Kevin Williams

#122, Forest Drive

Washington, CA

Dear Mr. Cheater

I am writing this letter to end up our relationship. I am writing a letter because I don’t want to see you or talk to you. Whatever you did to me was not right and when I realized that you were only fooling me around, all I wanted was to end this relationship. However, this was not so easy for me but I didn’t want to be in any relationship with you.

I used to be so fond of you and all the time I used to think about you. But you were only playing with my emotions and not only me, but with the emotions of so many other girls just for your enjoyment. You cheated on me and I myself saw you with another girl in the Air club last night.

This relationship is over from my side and don’t try to contact me or meet me ever in the future.


Breakup Letters

Breakup Letter to Girlfriend


Jane Smith

#531, Oak Drive

Washington, CA

Dear Jane

I am writing this letter to you with a very heavy heart, because I never thought that this day will come when I would have to tell you that I cannot continue this relationship any longer. I am sure you also know the reason behind this.

You know Jane, this was the first serious relationship of my life and I really loved you so much, that I never thought that you can ever break my heart. I cannot forgive you for all this. I don’t know why you felt the need for more than one boyfriend when I used to love you so much and we used to enjoy each other’s company a lot.

But anyway that was your way of living your life but I cannot be with you any more to see such things. I hope you’ll take care of yourself and I’ll be always there for you whenever you need a true friend.


Mark Johnson

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Breakup Letter Format


Name [here write the name of the recipient]

Address [write the address of the recipient]

Dear [write a proper salutation and title for the recipient]

First paragraph: [The first paragraph of the letter should be used by the sender to write about the decision that sender has taken about ending the relationship and the main reason behind this]

Second paragraph: [In this paragraph the sender can tell the efforts made by him to make the relationship work, if any, and what is his current state of mind that is holding him back and is preventing him to continue the present relationship]

Third paragraph: [The sender must conclude his/ her letter and to end the relationship on a good note, sender can write some positive lines about receiver or can also give best wishes for the future]

Yours’ sincerely [write a salutation to end the letter]

Name [write the name of the sender]

Breakup Letters

Breakup Letter


Aaron Smith

#51, Parkinson Street

Washington, CA

Dear Aaron

After thinking for so many days, I have been able to write this letter. Believe me, I am not feeling good while writing this letter to inform you about my decision to end our relationship. You also know that we have tried so many times, and worked on our relationship. But somehow, I am not able to accept you after that incident, when I came to know that you have a relationship with another girl.

However, you left that girl couple of months back and now you also want our relationship to work but I am not in the right frame of mind to forgive you for whatever happened.

Hence, after taking so much time to think, I have arrived on the decision that I will not be happy if we continued this relationship. So, I want to end our relationship and everything is over from my side.

Hope, if we meet each other in future we’ll treat each other as friends.

Stay happy and healthy.