Breakup Letters

Breakup Letter to Boyfriend


Jay Robinson

6th  Jackson Avenue

Washington, CA


I have been able to write this letter after thinking a lot and the purpose of this letter is just to inform you that I have taken a decision about our relationship. I hope you’ll understand that this relationship is not working and we both in spite of putting so many efforts to make this relationship work, are not happy.

I think we took the decision of staying together very early, and we both are very different. We can never be happy with each other. So I have taken this decision and I hope you’ll also deal with this with maturely. You also know that our habits, our lifestyle is so different that                                                                                                                                                                            we cannot live together happily.

We can always be friends and I know one day you’ll find a girl with whom you’ll spend all your life happily. I wish all the happiness for you.


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