Breakup Letters

Breakup Letter Generator


[Name of the receiver]

[Address of the receiver]

[Write a salutation that suits the person or just write the name of receiver]

Start writing the answers of the following questions, and you’ll be able to generate your breakup letter

  1. What do you feel about the breakup?
  2. Why are you breaking up? [Write the reason briefly and later on explain that]
  3. Who’s fault lead to breakup?
  4. Explain the current state of your relationship and the reasons that why your relationship arrived on this state.
  5. [Optional] Write something about the person with whom you are breaking up and any of his typical habits which you never liked.
  6. Write your viewpoint on your future after the relationship is over.
  7. What kind of relationship you’ll like to keep with this person in future, after the relationship is over. [You can also mention if you don’t want to keep any relationship with this person]
  8. Write the ending note.

[Your name]

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