Breakup Letters

Dramatic Breakup Letter


Mark Robinson

#451, Jackson Heights

Washington, CA


I am writing this letter to let you know that now I cannot handle this relationship anymore, I was trying for last so many days to make it work, but now I have realized that you cannot improve your habits. So it will be better for both of us to get out of this relationship, especially I want to get rid of your day by day increasing abusive behavior.

I still love u a lot, but I cannot handle the abuse. I don’t want any explanation from your side neither I want to speak to you. So don’t ever try to contact me on phone or anywhere else. I am also warning you that after this if you ever abuse me, I’ll call police into this matter. So it would be better for you if you stay away from me.

Try to relax yourself and try to handle life in a more calm way. This is the only last advice that I can give to you.


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