Breakup Letters

Funny Breakup Letter


Ethen Jones

#67,Spring Blvd

Washington, CA

Dear Ethen

I hope you were also expecting this to happen and I am also very happy while telling you that I want to end this silly relationship that is between us. This letter will clearly make you realize that you are not my type of guy and I realized that you don’t love me long time back. I was also enjoying dating with you after that because I didn’t had anybody else to spend time with.

Now that I have found a more charming and rich guy, all I want to tell you that I was also never serious in this relationship and I hate possessive guys like you who always want slaves, not girlfriends.

Now that this relationship is over I also wanted to tell you that I was also going around with your friend John, and he was much better then you. Let’s forget all this and each other, so that we can lead our lives happily.


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