Apology Letters

Apology Letters

Apology letters are of two types, personal and official apology letters.  For an apology letter to be effective it has to be sincere and must come straight from the heart.

Writing an apology letter conveys more earnestness than a verbal apology.  It is one of the most effective ways of making amends for something which has gone wrong.

It is best to begin your letter with an apology and also state the reason for it.  By doing this you are not only openly acknowledging the mistake, but are also ready to take responsibility for it.  If possible give reasons for the error and the steps you are taking to help rectify it.

Take the opportunity and reassure the concerned person that such a mistake would not be repeated in the future.  It is also in good spirit to offer something in order to compensate for the mistake.  This especially holds well in case of a business apology letter.

Keep the letter simple, straight and sincere.  When you are signing off, make sure to repeat your apology in the last paragraph.

Apology Letters

Apology Letter Format

Dear Mr. Holyfield,

Greetings of Peace!

I write to you because I would like to say sorry and ask for an apology for the incident that took place three days ago inside our office. I know how hard it is to have an officemate that hide grudges against you. To break the ice, I offer my apology.

I never really meant to harm your feelings and to embarrass the both of us in front of our fellow workers. It is just that I was overcome by my emotion thus the sudden outburst. I know you feel mad against me but let us bury the hatchet now.

To show you my sincere apology I would like to invite you for a dinner tonight at the restaurant of your own choice. I do hope that this letter of mine would appeal to you and would forgive me for what I have done.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Mike Bourbon

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter Template

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Good day!

I write to you because I would like to ask for an apology for not dropping by to your house for an invitation dinner last night. I really feel sorry for my action. I do hope that you would forgive me for this.

Last night, I really want to go to your place however there was an incident at our office that needs my professional attention and it did prevent me from showing up to our scheduled dinner. It really disappoints me because you know how I wish to have dinner with you and talk for a while about our favorite topics. I know it’s hard and it’s my fault but how I wish you could forgive me so I may feel better about this.

Again, I sincerely say apologize and I do hope that we could schedule another meeting for us to make up those lost time to be together.


Mr. Dennis D. Mitchell

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Apology Letters

Formal Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Chandler,

Sir, I would like to send to you my sincere apology for losing our bid against the other company in line with our services offered. I know how much you want this project and I gave my best shot to win the bid unfortunately it was not enough.

I really feel that the failure of our bid is attributable to me and that the only time to feel good again is to ask for an apology. During the bidding process I thought we are going to win it and I took my time not knowing that our rival company had prepared something during the lunch time. I feel that it’s my fault why we lost our bid to this big project.

I do hope that you would accept my apology and I promise not to take things for granted again and instead give the entire best to win all our biddings for more projects.

Sincerely yours,

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Apology Letters

Professional Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am writing to send to you my sincerest apologies for the absences I have occurred during the period of 16 August 2009 up to the 20th of the said month and year. My sister was rushed to the hospital due to hypertension and there was nobody except me to take care of her children. The nanny went away for a vacation and she could not be contacted in any way, so I deemed it necessary to take full responsibility of my nieces and nephews.

I apologize for not being able to notify you earlier of the said absence. Rest assured that this would never happen again. I will also try my best to catch up with all the unfinished work I have left.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this letter. I hope for your utmost consideration regarding this matter. May you always be successful and prosperous in all your undertakings.


Allison St. Claire

Customer Service Representative

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Apology Letters

Customer Service Apology Letter

Dear Customer,

We have received your complaint regarding the delay on the shipment of your modem. Furthermore, the company has also noticed that a batch of bad modems has been released on the same date that your order was processed. One of our suppliers has unintentionally delivered the wrong parts and this has resulted to the production of the bad modems. Due to the effort that we have been making to backtrack every bad modem that was sent, a delay in the shipping and manufacturing process has become inevitable.

Due to these, we would like to present to your our sincerest apologies for the technical difficulties that we have been experiencing. Rest assured that we have already communicated with the supplier and trying our best to get the right parts needed. Your modem will be delivered to you as soon as we are able to manufacture one that will perform according to our standards and that is worth your cost.

We appreciate the utmost patience and understanding that you have given the company throughout these challenging times.


The Customer Service Team

InternetWorks, Inc

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Apology Letters

Writing an Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Adams

The previous week, we were in a meeting at the office. There was a discussion on some issues and we have disagreed on some of them causing some remarks to be exchanged between us. I do not wish such animosity to exist between us nor would I wish our professional misunderstandings to affect our personal friendship.

In this regard, I am offering you my genuine apology for the incident. I want to tell you that it was just part of my job to defend my position as you do to yours. I did not take it personally and I hope you did not either.

I hope you will find it in your heart to accept my peace offering. Should you wish to talk to me about it, please feel free to give me a ring or set an appointment for our meeting.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

John Clark

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Apology Letters

Sample business apology letter

Dear Mr. Erickson,

We have known each other for many years because of the business dealings that we have done in the past. Because of it, I feel that we have already developed a kind of friendship and trust that is hard to find in the business world. But an incident happened which has caused what bond we might have formed to be tarnished.

In this connection, I want to convey to you my sincere apologies for any misunderstandings that happened between us. Our companies have been dealing with each other for some time and I do not want the good relationship that was established between us to be broken by so trivial an incident.

Our phones will always be open for your call. I will be more than happy if you can accept my apology and continue the good relationship that we had through the years.

Thank you.


Mark Richmond

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter Example

Dear May,

I understand that I have been offensive in my actions the last time that we were together. I do not mean to be so rude and the ill feelings that I might have caused were unintentional.

I am writing to convey to you my sincere apology for what has happened. If there is anything that I can do for you to forgive my misgiving, please do not hesitate to let me know. I want you to know how sorry I am upon learning of my mistake. From the years that I have known you, I am not sure how many times I might have made a mistake to you.

Please accept the apology that I am offering you. I promise that next time, I will be more prudent in my actions and words. I hope you understand.

Thank you very much and I hope we can always be friends.



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Apology Letters

Customer Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Sandler,

I understand that you have been given the wrong product by our sales clerk from one of our stores. I know this letter has taken so long in coming but it was brought to my attention only recently and I took a corrective action as soon as I can.

This letter of apology was the first thing I made upon learning of the mistake. I have already talked with the sales clerk concerned and he assured me that it was not intentional. He got confused because of the large number of customers that day and he too would like to extend his apology to you.

Should you have the time, please feel free to visit our store so we can resolve the matter in a way that is advantageous for both of us.

Thank you very much and I hope you can accept our apologies.


Alice Thomas

Downloade Customer Apology Letter

Apology Letters

Apology Letter to Boss

Dear Sir;

I have been working with your kind office for the better part of my working years and I know you can vouch for my professionalism and work attitude. But there was an incident which happened recently which I feel may have tarnished my good image and reputation to you.

In this regard, I want to convey my sincerest apology to you. I know that the incident may have offended some sensibilities, yours especially, and I wish to tell you that it was not intentional. I am writing this letter as a sign of my good intention.

However, if this apology is not enough, I am ready to face the consequences of my action. I will also resign my position if my continued presence in my office is already tarnishing the reputation and good standing of the company.

Thank you very much and more power.

Sincerely yours,

Albert Marquez

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Apology Letters

Apology Love Letter

Dearest Zoe,

From the moment I saw you I have nothing but kind thoughts for you. There was never a day when I have not given you a thought of you and my heart will forever speak your name.

The last few days have been quite hard for both of us. I know I have hurt your feelings because of my insensitivity and lack of understanding for your situation. I am sorry. I know I have done things I should not have done and said words I should not have said. From the moment I did those things, I never ceased to be sorry for what I have done.

I hope you can find it in your heart to accept my apology. I know it may take time to heal the wounds but I am willing to wait forever for your forgiveness. I hope we could be together again someday.



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Apology Letters, Office Letters

Apology Letter – Tardiness

September 9, 2010

Ms. Krish Martin

Team Leader

Pen Solutions, Inc.

Dear Ms. Martin:

This is to apologize for my tardiness this morning due to an unexpected water interruption at home. I was late for two hours at the office since I had to wait for the water supply to come again.

To make up for my tardiness, I will render two hours of work later after my regular shift, and do the necessary tasks within that period. I sincerely apologize for my tardiness, and I promise that this is the last time I will be late without immediately informing you. As my team leader, I know the higher-ups might reprimand you for my mistakes. Hence, please accept my apologies.

Thank you and I am hoping for your kind consideration.


Kristine Campbell

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Business Letters, Apology Letters

Cancellation of Order Apology Letter

August 6, 2010

Mr. Ralph Harris

General Manager

Clip & Paper Office Supplies

Dear Mr. Harris:

This is to inform you that we are cancelling our order of 100 boxes of bond paper due to the late delivery of our current order of 100 boxes of pens. We understand that your business is still new in the industry. However, we cannot afford to adjust to your own short comings as we are also maintaining a name in the industry. Any delay on your part may cause losses on our business.

We are really sorry that we have to cut our business ties this short.

We wish you success in the future endeavors of your business.


Kate Martin

Procurement Officer

Citibank, Inc.

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Apology Letters

Customer Service Error

Dear Customer:

This refers to your complaint regarding improper service meted out to you by the staff in the counter when you visited our shop that you had to return or leave without shopping with utmost frustration. We are extremely sorry for such a situation which should not have happened.

We have looked into your complaint in depth and have since initiated corrective steps by weeding out those incompetent staff to avoid any further complaint from any other esteemed customers like you. We have streamlined the entire operation whereby at each department you will find an impeccably dressed courteous woman to help you make your shopping experience the most pleasant one.   We assure you that such a disturbing situation would not arise and hence we request you to kindly continue patronizing our services. We assure you of maximum cooperation and service.

Thanking you,

Very truly yours

Manager – Customer Relations

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Apology Letters

Business apology letter

October 25, 2010

Mr. Edward Cater

Marketing Manager

Goodwill Business Group

Norfolk, NR5 7TJ

Dear Mr. Cater,

Ever since we started our business, we have been involved in several fruitful business dealings that have helped spur the mutual development of our companies.  We have built a good working relationship founded on trust and loyalty.  Unfortunately, an incident occurred recently which has marred our hard-earned friendship.

As such, I want to express my sincerest apologies for any disagreement between us due to the incident.  We earnestly hope that this unintentional mistake will not break the bond we have built over the years.

Let this letter be our first step in correcting our error.  We are open to discussing the matter if you wish.  We are also more than willing to take additional steps to rectify our mistake.

Thank you.  We hope our good relationship will continue for years to come.


Mr. James Watts

Sales Representative

Global Publishers, Inc.

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Apology Letters

Apology letter for tardiness

September 9, 2010

Ms. Pamela Scott


Ink Magic, Inc.

Dear Ms. Scott:

I write this letter to express my apology for being tardy these past two days.  My baby has been ill for one week now and I have had to give extra care for him until early morning before leaving for work.  This morning, I had to bring him to the hospital due to a high fever and couldn’t leave him with the caregiver right away.

I will make up for the lost time by staying for an extra two hours after my shift in the office to work for two days.  If necessary, I will also accept additional workload.  Although the cause of my tardiness was unexpected, I will not forget to immediately inform you about my situation should the same problem occur.  I hope you accept my apologies.

Thank you.  I am hoping for your kind consideration.

Warm regards,

Mary McGhee


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Apology Letters

Newspaper Article Apology Letter

Ms. Rica Garson

General Manager

Rice Club

Dear Ms. Garson:

This is in reference to a business profile article I wrote about your restaurant that was published on the Daily Inquirer last November 29, 2010. I would like to formally send my apologies for improperly quoting you in certain parts of the article. As a journalist, I know I am fully responsible for any errors that may appear on the articles I write. The misquote that happened is something I am fully responsible of. Although the editors have spent time in checking the articles, they were not aware on the right words you uttered during the interview. Hence, I am taking full responsibility of the misquoting that happened. I hope that it did not affect the business much.

Thank you and more power to your business.


Ariene Ronan

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Apology Letters

Absence Apology Letter

November 29, 2010

Mark Parker


Web Content Team

Register Online Solutions

Dear Mr. Parker:

I would like to apologize for my absence yesterday (November 28, 2010) since I had to urgently go home to our province. We had a family emergency, and I wasn’t able to call you immediately. I am willing to render the hours lost during my absence as to make up for its effect on our production. Rest assured that you will be immediately notified if such circumstances happen again in the future.


Karen Turner

Quality Analyst

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter to Professor

November 22, 2010

Prof. Serlie Lewis

Associate Professor

Department of Development Journalism

University of California

Dear Pro. Lewis:

I would like to sincerely apologize for passing my research paper requirement 2 days behind the deadline. I was down with flu for almost three days, and I did not have the chance to drop by at the university to submit the said requirement. I tried sending you messages through your email a number of times, but to no avail.

I hope you can still accept my paper even if you will me a lower grade as I need to pass the course in order to graduate on time. In case you think that I need to fulfill additional projects to make up for the delay, you can tell me immediately so I can work on it. I promise that this delay will not happen again.

Sincerely Yours,

Deborah Evans

Journalism Student

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Apology Letters

Apology letter to wife

December 29, 2010

My dearest Lina,

I know this letter may surprise you, but I still feel weighed down by our fight last week.  I feel that my personal apology is not enough since I am not good at expressing my self when we are in front of each other.  Let me write down what I feel as I am better at writing.

I hope these words I will now write to you will show you how deeply sorry I am for everything I have done to cause you sadness.  You are the best thing that has happened to me and I never want to hurt you in any way.  I guess, sometimes, all the stress at work affects my mood and I cannot control myself from bursting into anger over little things.  I know that you are tired everyday, too, working and taking care of our children and our home.  You are doing an excellent job and I am doing poorly.  A new year is dawning and I promise to do better.



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Apology Letters

Apology letter to husband

January 2, 2011

Everdearest Bill,

I know it’s a new year and I don’t want to dampen your spirits by writing an apology letter, but please allow me to do so.  I want the new year to start well and I want to say sorry for wrong things I have done in the past.  I believe that only by recognizing our faults and seeking forgiveness can we truly move on with a cleansed and happy heart.

There are some things I have done that angered you in the past and am truly sorry.  This year and the many more years to come that we will be spending together, I pledge to you that I will be more careful in my words and more thrifty.  I know that you are having a hard time trying to make ends meet and I will do my share to make things work out.  I love you so much and I want to spend my whole life with you by my side.

All my love,


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Apology Letters

Apology letter for misconduct

Mr. Clint Clooney

W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

November 15, 2010

Mr. Bill Lincoln

Sales Department Head

Infinity Corporation

Dear Sir,

I humbly write to you to express my deepest apologies for the misconduct I was involved in at work last week.  The incident took place as a result of the medicines I had taken that week to ease the stress I was experiencing due to the project we are finishing.

I am a very professional person and value my work a lot.  I have an excellent performance record since I was employed in the company five years ago and it saddens me that I have caused a mar in my record.  I am aware of company rules and the work ethics that we follow.  I will undergo the due process and face the consequences of my action as per company rules.  Rest assured that the incident will not happen again and I will do everything again to gain back your complete trust in my capacity.

My sincere apologies, again.


Clint Clooney

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Apology Letters

Apology letter for delay

Mr. Bruce Ripley

Sales Manager

Excellent Laboratory Supplies, Inc.

October 8, 2010

Mr. Oscar Hawthorne


Best Learning School

Dear Mr. Hawthorne,

I write to you in behalf of Excellent Laboratory Supplies, Inc. to apologize for the delay in the delivery of the laboratory equipment you purchased from our company last week.  As per the sales agreement, the equipment should have been delivered yesterday.  However, our quality control officer has informed us that we have had problems with the last batch of the equipment we produced.  Due to this, we were not able to complete the 1,000 units of equipment you have ordered.

Please accept the initial delivery of 500 units which will be delivered to you tomorrow.  The rest of the 500 units will be delivered to you within the week.  We assure you that this is an isolated incident and will not happen again.  We hope this will not break the good business relationship we have built.

Thank you.


Bruce Ripley

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Apology Letters

Apology letter to mother

Mr. Oliver Hall

1000 Main Street
Irvine, California 92614

December 20, 2010

Ms. Olga Hall

80 North Laura Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Dearest mother,

How are you and dad doing?  I hope my letter will ease the disappointment you must be feeling after I called you to say that I will not be able to go home for Christmas holidays.

I am so sorry to miss the family dinner on Christmas eve this year.  I have a ton of requirements to finish before the year ends and I could not afford to have a vacation this year.  I will simply spend Christmas eve with friends here and then go back to the college campus to work on my project and other documents I must submit on the first week of January.  Don’t worry, this is but a small sacrifice for us to make so that I finish my studies soon.  I know you will be delighted come graduation day and I will do my best to graduate with honors.  I will miss you all!



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Apology Letters

Apology letter to father

Mr. Jeffrey Hicks

220 Hudson Street
Jersey City, New Jersey 07302

October 1, 2010

Mr. Harry Hicks

1200 Walnut Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Dear Dad,

How are you doing?  I hope you are recovering fast from your illness and that you are already feeling better.  I want to apologize for not being able to visit you at the hospital.  I was sent by my office to an international conference in London and I could not leave at the time I received news of your operation.

I am back home and have requested a leave of absence from work next week so that I may visit you there.  I am really sorry I wasn’t able to accompany you at the time you experienced extreme pain.  It is fortunate that Linda was able to fly home immediately and see you.  I will make it up to you and cook you your favorite food when I get there.  We will spend a great week together, doing what we have been doing when I was still a child.

See you soon, Dad.

Your son,


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Apology Letters

Apology letter to co-worker

Ms. Esther Davidson

Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

January 10, 2011

Ms. Vanessa Davies

Lexington, Kentucky 40503

Dear Ms. Davies,

Good day to you!

I write to you to express my sincerest apologies for the untoward incident that took place last week involving the two of us.  I am sorry for whatever problem and pain the incident caused you or your work.

I have been working with the company for ten years and I have maintained the highest standards of work ethics.  Since you became part of the company, you have worked hard and I admire you for your dedication.  I did not intend to criticize you for your work and I only meant to give you constructive comment to help you improve your performance.  I hope we will be able to continue the good working relationship we had started.

Rest assured I will undergo the necessary process for my actions.


Esther Davidson

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Apology Letters

Apology letter to neighbor

Mr. Allan James

900 South Shackleford Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

December 19, 2010

Mr. Daniel Watts

910 South Shackleford Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

Dear Daniel,

I would like to express to you through this letter my deepest apologies for the trouble my dog caused to your lawn and garden yesterday.  Unfortunately, he has been behaving badly the past days after he fell ill and we have been having problems keeping him on his leash.

I hope you would accept my apologies.  I will visit you as soon as I get time off from work to check on the damage caused to your property.  I am more than willing to pay for the damages and help get a worker to restore your lawn and garden to its former condition.  I will bring my dog to the veterinarian soon to make sure that he will no longer act unruly and will not go to your lawn again.



Download Apology letter to neighbor

Apology Letters

Sample Apology Letter

Dear Mathew,

I know that what you are thinking about me after the last night incident. But my dear friend whatever last night happened was just my big mistake. I should not have abused you and slap you dear. It was just done by the mistake. I was totally out of mind my brother.

Now whatever I can do is just make a sincere apology for my big mistake. Your angriness with me is totally valid my brother. But it will just result in the breakup of our long friendship. I do not let it happened that is why I am writing this letter to you my brother.

Every human is bound to make mistake, I have also done the same. But it is also fact that every human learn from his mistake I have also learnt the lesson. I promise you my dear it shall not happen again in future.

Please! Please! Please! Forgive me my brother and sweet friend.

Your best friend,


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Apology Letters

Personal Apology Letter

Mr. Jeff Hardy,

123, Main Street,

New York,



Mr. Matt Hardy,

0231, Blue Street,

Los Angeles-54623


Dear Brother,

How are you feeling now brother? I have heard that you have got heart attack stroke for which you were admitted to the hospital for ten days. I apologize for not being with you during your hard and painful time. When I heard this bad news, I was sent to London for an important dealing by my company. I have just arrived today at home. I have also applied for the leave instantly when I reached to my office from the trip.

I will see you as soon as my leave will be sanctioned by my company. I am really sorry again for could not be able to see you during your illness. I hope that you have recovered a lot since the incident happened. But I feel little bit good that my wife Angelina has visited you in the hospital. She was saying that you had recovered very fast from the effect of the attack.

I will see you as soon as I got the leave my brother.

Take Care of You,

Your brother,

Jeff Hardy

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Apology Letters

Sorry Letter for Rude Behavior


Mr Simpson,

General Manager,

KBS Shopping House,



Mr Lawrence,


Winston House,


Dear Mr Lawrence,

I, Mr Simpson, General Manager for KBS Shopping House, am writing this letter to express my heartfelt apologies for the behaviour with which you were met on your last visit to our shopping house. The staffs are newly recruited one and they are still on their training schedule. However, this does not justify the rudeness in their approach. I, on behalf of the entire management of KBS Shopping House, submit my apologies for the rude behaviour at your disposal.

I assure you that nothing like this shall ever come into existence in future. This letter is enclosed with a gift coupon to compensate for the rude behaviour; not that it justifies our mistake. I wish that this unfortunate event shall not have any effect on the long and healthy relation which we have shared with you. I am hopeful that this letter serves its purpose and conveys our apologies to you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Simpson

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter for the Loss of Order


Mr Scrum,

Hilton Constructions Ltd,

New Orleans


Mr Williamson,

Pride Construction Materials,

New Orleans

Dear Mr Williamson,

This letter has come into effect to express our apologies for the loss of order for the supply of construction materials to our construction company for the new Drum Town project. The quotations in the tender have been very close and the authorities deciding the grant of tender have to scan the preferences for the firm. The feasibility factor indicated that it would have been better for the future of both the sides to part ways temporarily and award this tender for supplying construction materials to the new project.

The construction firm acknowledges the successful run of the partnership between the two of us and is eager to work with you in the near future, provided the feasibility of the project. We are hopeful that loss of one order shall not affect the excellent business relations which we have shared for a long time now. Wishing you best luck for future,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Scrum

Download Apology Letter for the Loss of Order




Order Letters

Apology Letters

Apology Letter for Mistake in Order


Mr Scott,

Draco Construction Materials,



Mr Jones,

Site Manager,

HULK Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Jones,

I, Mr Scott, from Draco Construction Materials, am writing this letter to convey you that we are regretful that the order for the constructions materials did not meet the standard which we have maintained during all our consignments during the past. The source of the problem caused is under investigation. However, I assure you that such lapses in the quality of the construction materials shall not take place in the coming future. The construction materials shall be checked and rechecked for confirming the avoidance of such events.

We are regretful and remorseful for all the inconvenience which has resulted for your construction firm for the mistake which had been done on our part. We are hopeful that this event which surfaced due to some unfortunate circumstances shall not cast its effect on the smooth and steady relations which both of us have shared for such a long period of time.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Scott

Download Apology Letter for Mistake in Order

Apology Letters

Apology Letter for out of Stock Item


Ms Penelope,

General Manager,

The Mall,



Mrs Stevenson,

B-2, Bakers Street,


Dear Mrs Stevenson,

This letter has been drafted to convey my apologies on behalf of entire mall for not providing you with all the goods which you have ordered from The Mall. The letter has been enclosed with a list of those items which have not been provided to you. These items are currently out of stock due to some unfortunate happenings and we shall not be able to provide you with them within the time stipulated for delivering your order. We are regretful for the inconvenience which shall be caused to you.

The letter enclosure also has a list which has the preferences and references for purchasing the items which have not been provided to you, in case it is required to you. We are hopeful that we shall be able t satiate all your demands when you order for goods and items from The Mall. Looking forward for another order from your side,

Yours sincerely,

Ms Penelope

Download Apology Letter for out of Stock Item

Apology Letters

Apology Letter for Wait in Service Delivery


Ms Monica,

Delivery Manager,

DLS Courier Services,



Mrs Watson,

D -3, Broken Boulevard,


Dear Mrs Watson,

This letter has come into effect because of the rise of certain unfortunate and undesired consequences in front of us. There has been a parcel sent for delivery to you from London. However, we express our apologies that this parcel might not be delivered in time to you. The catastrophic natural event of blast of volcano has in Ireland has denied us to use the air transport services for delivering the parcel. The air transport services have been terminated without any intimation of revival.

Hence, we have to transport all the parcels via the water transport route and this is resulting in extension of your wait in the delivery. We apologies you and we assure you that your parcel is safe and shall be delivered to you at the earliest, as per the feasibility of the circumstances. Conveying you the apologies for the wait in the delivery of your parcel,

Yours faithfully,

Ms Monica

Download Apology Letter for Wait in Service Delivery

Apology Letters

Apology Letter In Response To Customer Complaint


Mr Wesley,

Hotel Manager,

Sea View Hotel,



Mr and Mrs Sprout

Dear Mr and Mrs Sprout,

I, Mr Wesley, Hotel manager of Sea View Hotel, am drafting this letter on behalf of the entire staff of the hotel to convey our apologies for the inconvenience which has been caused to you. We appreciate that you made us realise that we have lapsed in our services, when the food served to you on 21st June was not in desired state. We express our heartfelt apologies for this regretful event and assure you that such unfortunate event shall never be occurring in the future.

As a part of our apologies we are offering you complete relaxation on the food ordered during you stay. I wish to elucidate the fact that this does not justify our mistake and it is just a part of our apology. Please, accept it and pardon us. We assure you that you would not be getting any moment worth complaining in your henceforth stay,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Wesley

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Apology Letters

Medical Apology Letter


Mr Rick,

Royal Chemist and Druggist,



Dr Veronica,

Cross Check Clinic,


Dear Dr Veronica,

This letter has been sent to convey extreme apologies for the blunder which we have resulted in supplying the irrelevant medical accessories for the machine which you have intimated. The cause of this unfortunate mistake is a human error in the orders getting swapped between the two clinics. We take entire responsibility for the mistake which we have caused and express our apologies in this regard. We assure you that such erroneous events shall not be occurring in the future and we would reflect more responsibility in our approach and delivery of various medical products.

As far as the mistaken accessories are concerned, we would be providing them at the earliest. We wish to offer no charge on these accessories as a part of our apologies. We are hopeful that the relations between the two of us remain steady in spite of this event. Looking forward to bright and steady business relation,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Rick

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter for not Joining Company


Mr Thomas,

C-5, Dexter House,

Missing Flower Lane,



Human Resource Officer,

Well House Constructions,


Dear sir/ madam,

This letter has surfaced for the need of expressing my heartfelt apologies for not joining your construction company even after applying for the job and getting the job application approved. Certain unfortunate events have cropped up on the personal front of mine and these have denied me to assume the job of civil engineer in your esteemed construction firm. This is more of a grim loss to me than to the firm and I regret the occurrence of these unfortunate circumstances.

I wish to take this moment to inform you that any further opportunity to get associated with an esteemed construction firm like yours would be welcomed on my part and I would serve for the best in future. The present context of events suggests that we do not work together and I wish that may the future bring in the best for both the sides. Apologising for the not joining,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Thomas

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter to Girlfriend


William Turner,

D-2, Galaxy towers Apartments,

Cape Town


Angelica Cruz,

A-6, Wellington Drive,

Cape Town

Dearest Angelica,

This letter will bring upon certain things which might make you be sullen. However, you look even more adorable when being sullen. The thing is that I will not be able to some to the party which you have organised next week. Cropping up of job commitments have resulted in this undesirable step of mine.

I hope that you understand the necessity of the situation and support me; since without your support I shall not be able to concentrate on my work. I submit my apologies at your disposal for not being with you on the day which you have been planning for such a long period of time. I wish you all the best for the success of the party and I promise you that I shall be taking care that such things do not occur in future. Giving you all the love and care; and admiring your timeless beauty,

Yours lovingly,


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Apology Letters

Apology Letter For Over Shipment of Goods


Mr Dean,

Ship Manager,

VLS Marines,



Mr Thompson,

Dock In-charge,


Dear Mr Thompson,

This letter has been drafted in reply to the letter from your side indicating the over shipment of the goods. I, on behalf of the VLS Marines, express severe apologies for the occurrence of this event. The development of the causes of cropping of this event has been under investigation. I, on behalf of VLS Marines, assure you that such a blunder will not be happening in the future. I assure you that we shall result in more responsible acts and all the shipments dispatched henceforth shall reflect this responsibility.

The letter of complaint from your side has mentioned about the fine for the irresponsible act of ours and hence, I am enclosing a demand draft of said amount of fine along with this letter. I assure you that future shall never see the dawn of the day when you will be required to complaint. Expressing apologies for the unfortunate event,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Dean

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter To Staff


Mr Collins,

Head of Marketing Department,

KBS Communications Ltd


Marketing department Staff,

KBS Communications Ltd

Dear people,

I, Mr Collins, head of the marketing department of KBS Communications Ltd, am writing this letter to convey my apologies to all my staff people for announcing that the bonus which has been promised has to be indefinitely postponed. The undesirable and unfortunate cropping up of the Global Recession phenomenon has been the major concern in the recent times for the firm and it is for this reason that the bonus has to be postponed.

When all other so called giants in the market are involved in slashing the number of employees from their firms, the authorities of our firm has decided just to postpone the bonus. I wish to take this opportunity to assure on behalf of the authorities of our firm that the bonus shall be provided as soon as the conditions go feasible. We are looking forward to favourable and supportive response from you all in these difficult times,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Collins

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter To Employee


Mr Colin,

Marketing manager,

BUY Shopping Mart,



Ms Stella,

Junior marketing manager,

BUY Shopping Mart,


Dear Ms Stella,

I, Mr Colin, am writing this letter to convey my apologies for the behaviour with which I have met you in the last few days. The thing is that there have been some rough times on my personal front and this has reflected severely on my character and behaviour in the recent times and most of the times, you were caught in the fire of vent all the irritation from me. I know this is no reason and hence I express my regret and remorse for the wrongdoing in the behavioural approach of mine.

I must appreciate the way you have calmed me and shoulder my responsibilities along with yours in these tough times for me. And instead of encouraging and appreciating you, I have blasted you off for nothing that you were responsible for. I suppose that you shall pardon me. I assure you dignity in my behaviour henceforth.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Colin

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter To Patient


Dr Doolittle,

Xavier Clinic,



Mrs Scott,

Bed no 9,

Xavier Clinic,


Dear Mrs Scott,

This letter has surfaced for the need of expressing my apologies for the inconvenience which you were required to face before you were operated upon. The thing is that there has been some serious mistake on the part of my staff for scheduling two operations at a same time and since the other patient was in a critical condition; his operation has to be done prior to yours. This has resulted in you waiting an extra day admitted to this clinic. I apologies you for the loss of time which you have suffered and the inconvenience which you had to face.

We shall not be charging any penny for the services which were rendered to you for the additional stay of yours at this clinic, as a part of our regret expression. I hope you forgive us for this erroneous inconvenience and accept the relaxation in the charges offered to you.

Yours caringly,

Dr Doolittle

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Apology Letters

Apology Letters

Apology Letter To Doctor


Ms Jessica,

D-4, Lamington Lane,

San Diego


Dr Doolittle,

Bright Health Clinic,

San Diego

Dear Dr Doolittle,

I, Ms Jessica, am drafting this letter to make you aware of the fact that I will not be able to keep up with the appointment which we have approved upon for the check up of my liver. I express severe apologies for this amateurish behaviour on my part and I wish to convey that you shall now dedicate the rendezvous time to any other deserving thing. My college examination has been shifted earlier and I need to work on my studies. Since you intimated me that the check up can be stalled for some time, I wish to postpone it for three weeks or so.

I wish to convey that I am extremely sorry for the time loss. This letter is enclosed with a list of dates which shall be feasible for me for the said check up. Please, go through it and make me known about you preference.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Jessica

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Apology Letters

Apology Letter for Bad Service

Apology Letter for Bad Service is sent to a customer or client who has complained about receiving less than superior service from a company or service provider. This letter contains a sincere apology and informs the customer that the appropriate person will be told about the complaint. A written Apology Letter for Bad Service will foster goodwill between a company and its customers and can easily be tailored to fit your unique situation.

This Apology Letter for Bad Service contains the following provisions:

  • Parties: Sets out the name of the company and the customer;
  • Apology: Gives a sincere apology for the service and informs customer that the appropriate person will be contacted;
  • Compensation: Sets forth any compensation which the company will offer to the customer.


17 July 2004

Mr. Steven Park
6600 Ed Bluestein
AUSTIN, TX 78723

Dear Mr. Park

Thank you for contacting Member Services.

We sincerely apologize for the frustration and inconvenience that you may be experiencing due to our ongoing migration process. Technicians are currently working around the clock to develop a resolution for this issue. E-mail delivery will be back to normal as soon as possible. We will continue working until this issue is totally resolved.

Also, we are performing an upgrade on your mail system to a better infrastructure called outblaze. With this new infrastructure your folders, old mails, and address books will remain intact. You will be gaining new features such as filter to folder, autoreply, and vacation responses. We are confident that you will enjoy your account even more with this new infrastructure. You not only will have added features, you will also experience a more reliable service with faster delivery of messages.


Joseph Spin

Apology Letters

Apology Letter to a Boyfriend

A sincere apology is just that, an apology. When you say I’m sorry to your boyfriend, do it with love, kindness and that you didn’t intend to hurt him. Forgiveness takes time, so after you say I’m sorry to your boyfriend, let the issue go; the next step is up to him.

There are numerous ways to say I’m sorry to your boyfriend, you could take him out to some place he would want to go, rent his favorite movie and supply the beer & snacks, get him tickets to a game he’s been talking about going to, write him a poem but the most special thing to do is to write as letter for him

Here is a sample apology letter to a boyfriend


I am sorry for not attending your sister’s engagement. Believe me it was not intentional. As I started my car to reach your place with my sister a truck almost rammed into our car but with god’s grace nothing serious happened .I lost control and hit an old man. He was bruised and bleeding from the leg and the crowd didn’t allow us to move from there. We had to take the person to the hospital and there also the doctors were not ready to take him as it was an accident case. By then the police also reached there and made a huge scene about it. Finally we managed to convince the doctor and the police about what had happened.

The man was discharged with some stitches but due to all this we almost spent hours in the hospital after that we had to go along with the police to the station to explain what had happened and for some paperwork. By the time we were out it was very late in the night.

I understand how you would have felt and apologize about the same. I would personally come and meet you and your sister and explain everything. I assure you that I will be there a week before her marriage and we will have a good time together.

With lots of love,

Your name.

Apology Letters

Apology Letter Complaint

Apology letter can be written against complaint. If anyone make a complaint for anything then the same person needs to apologies for the complaint made. The apology can be verbal or written in this case but if the complaint is formal apology should be in a way of writing. This kind of apology letter address to the person who has made a complaint with his named and address mentioned on it. It should state the reason for which the complaint has made and apology for the same.

Sample apology letter complaint

Boston, California

07 September, 2011


Dear, Mr. Jake

I, Mr. Derek E. Fryer-Customer Relation Manager on behalf of my company Hindustan Unilever Pvt. Ltd sincerely apologies to you. As we receive a notice from your side that you had purchase an expired medicine of our company. We hereby inform you that this was unintentional and the packet of expired medicine was undoubtedly gone along with the unexpired packets. I know if you would have been consume the medicine the result would be dangerous therefore we always advice that please see the date of expiry before consuming any of the products. We are ready to pay to the fine amount mentioned by you in your notice. But we request to you that please don’t take the matter to the consumer court. I hope you will accept our apology and kindly act in favor of us. Hope to hear the needful from your side.

Mr. Derek E. Fryer

Customer Relation Manager-Hindustan Unilever Pvt. Ltd

3364 Short Street

California, USA

Apology Letters

Apology Letter for Bad Behavior

Behavior apology letters are written when your behavior is little offensive towards others. However, there are certain moments in our lives when our way of conduct or behavior is disgusting and unpleasant. Therefore, unknowingly we lose our sense of perspective and get carried away by our feelings and behave immaturely with our near ones or sometimes even with our colleagues.

Writing an apology letter for your bad behavior or for committed mistakes is actually a better and easier thing to do. An apology letter can help you in confessing your mistakes and making that person acknowledge that how sorry and responsible you are for your actions and behavior. Basically, it also helps you to convey your regrets and that you feel remorse for what you did. In addition, ensure that your apology comes across as genuine and honest as well as it can explain your side effectively through a letter.

Sample Apology Letter

Behavior Apology Letter


General Manager
Hotel Sea View
28th December, 2006.
Dear Sir,

I would like to sincerely apologize for my behavior on (27th December, 06). I can only attribute it to the high levels of stress I am facing because of my (ill-health). I know that this is not an excuse for my behavior at work. But, I request you to kindly overlook my mistake and forgive me.
I would like to reassure you that I shall not repeat such inappropriate behavior in the future.
Thank you
Keshav Rao


Apology Letter Templates

Apology Letters

Apology Letter for Cheating

Cheating, more often than not, will result in a very awkward and stressful situation for both parties concerned in the relationship. If you have cheated and wish to apologize for your mistake, then writing an apology letter will not only show your sincerity but it may also help to express everything you want to say in a less than ideal situation.

Dear {Teacher/School}

I am very sorry for cheating on the {test, assignment, project, etc…}.

I know that you, your classroom and {school name} has zero tolerance on academic dishonesty. In my ambition to receive recognition and a good grade, I lost sight of the fact that these things are earned and not freely given.

This ordeal has been very stressful, but I have learned much from this situation. Cheating—no matter the motives or the rewards—is immoral and unjustifiable.

{If applicable}
If you, my classmates and {school name} are willing to accept my apology, I humbly ask that you reconsider or lighten my punishment. The dedication that {school} has shown to its students’ learning experience is something I have a great and found respect for. I have learned much already, and I hope to continue learning from {school}.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.



Apology Letters

Apology Letters

Apology Letter to a Friend

For many people, friends can be very hard to come by. Further, as you get progressively older, you will often find that it becomes more and more difficult to make new friends. With this in mind, it is important that you do all that you can to hold on to the friendships that you hold dear in your life. One such way of doing this; is to learn how to say sorry when you have done wrong. Sorry letters to friends give you an excellent example of achieving this and gaining a friend’s forgiveness when you have hurt them in some way.

Sorry letters to friends may come in any type of format and this will usually depend on just how close the two of you are. For friends that are not deemed to be much more than acquaintances, such sorry letters to friends probably will not go over the top, where sentimentality is concerned. They may well stick to the point more. With closer friends, however, these types of sorry letters to friends will set out what the friendship means to the writer and how devastated they would be to lose it.

It might be a good idea to take a look at an example of sorry letters to friends:

To My dear friend (Name of the receiver),

I need you to know that you are one of the most important people in my life. You have been there through thick and thin and have always been a person that I could rely upon in the past. Therefore, I could not be anymore sorry over the fact that I have hurt you so badly recently.

It is all very well writing sorry letters to friends, but I am the first to appreciate that what is contained in such a letter, must truly be meant. I promise you that this is the case now, and that I would hate it if our friendship were to end over this issue.

I ask you to give me a second chance and I will do all that I can to make this up to you. No matter what your decision, thanks so much for being such a good friend to me and I do hope this will continue forever?


(Name of the sender)