Apology Letters

Apology Letter for Office


James Philander

Director (Projects Cell)

Innovation Software Private Limited

45, Umpteen Street, Northern London


25TH July 2012

Subject: Apology letter for office

Dear Mr. James

I am writing this letter apologize for not completing my assigned project within the given deadline. I would like to remind you that I have been assigned a project to develop software of mobile application for easy use of popular social networking sites. The deadline to complete the project was on 24th July 2012. I am feeling very sorry to inform that I could not complete the project on the scheduled time because I had to take 20 days leave in between the project due to some important work at my parents native home. I have already completed 60% work on the project and hope to complete it in a very short time from now.

I would request you to forgive me and give a last chance to me. I can guarantee you that I will complete the project work assigned to me within the next seven days sharply. I will eagerly wait for a positive response in this matter from your side.

Yours Sincerely

Kyle Harrison

Application Executive

Software Department

Innovation Software Private Limited

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