Apology Letters

Apology Letter for Not Attending


Darren Edwards

Project Manager

BLC Software Limited

67, Austin Towers, Central London


25TH June 2012

Sub – Apology letter for not attending the meeting with our new client.

Dear Mr. Darren

I am writing this letter to apologize for not attending the meeting with our new client held on 23rd July 2012. I could not be present on that particular day because I was suffering from high fever, cold and cough. I have joined office today after taking a sick leave of two days. I have already taken an update from the secretary regarding the developments that took place n the meeting with the client. Now I am busy preparing the vital points which we should be discussing when we meet with the same client in the next week. I would once again like to apologize for not being present there to assist you during the scheduled meeting time.

Hope that you will forgive me this time and I promise that I will try my best to attend all meeting in the future time. I can assure you that our next meeting with the client will be a success and we will surely sign a deal.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Waugh

Software Developer

BLC Software Limited

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