Apology Letters

Apology Letter to Lecturer


Henry Boucher

Lecturer (English Language Department)

Scottish Church College

67, Kenendy Street, New Jersey


25th July 2012

Subject: Apology letter to lecturer

Dear Mr. Henry

I am writing this letter to apologize for not submitting my English Lab project within the given deadline of 24th July 2012. I was unable to complete the project because I have to go to my native home to take care of my father; who had recently suffered from major heart attack. I have to take fifteen day leave from the college and I have joined my regular classes from today itself. I would like to inform you that before going for a leave, I had already completed more than 50% of the project work. I would require some more time to finfish the project as it requires some final touches. I am sorry again for not completing the project within the stipulated time. I know I should not make excuses, but I hope that you will understand that it was very urgent for me to visit my father.

Hope that you will forgive me this time but I promise that I will submit the project within the next fifteen days positively

Yours Sincerely

John Mills

Student (Bachelor of Arts)

Scottish Church College

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