Appreciation Letters

Vendor Appreciation Letter


Mr. Robert Morrison

673 Lily Woods Lane,


July 23, 2012

Subject: Appreciation letter for excellent service

Dear Mr. Morrison,

Please accept this letter as the formal acknowledgement of your outstanding work and as an appreciation of the services our company Kingsley Automobiles has received from you. Morrison Auto Parts has been supplying auto components to our company since over 10 years now and not once have we faced any problem from your side in terms of quality or delivery issues. The result is that our customers are happy with the final products and we owe part of our success to you.

We sincerely appreciate the hard work put by your company and how involved you are personally to ensure that every product is tested before it is supplied to us and all care is taken to make sure they reach us on time. We can always rely on your services because we know even if there is any issue, you will solve it.

We look forward to doing business with you and your company for many years to come and will also recommend Morrison Auto Parts to our clients and customers. Here’s looking forward to another decade of partnership.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Martin Jones

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