Permission Letters

Travel Permission Letter


Dr. Andrew. S. Nathan

Nathan Health Clinic

C-6, second floor



2 June 2012

Subject: travel permission letter to travel to Europe

Dear Dr. Nathan

My company has asked me to correspond with you regarding the permission to travel to Europe for an official trip, as you are the authorized doctor to grant me the permission for the same. I recently had a minor leg surgery for a fungal infection. After the surgery I was in the hospital for a week for complete recovery. Now my leg is absolutely alright and all the signs of that infection have gradually disappeared.

I am enclosing all my reports along with my X-ray reports for your perusal. I am also sending you the list of the medications which are currently used by me. Please do let me know if any other document is required, or if I need to come down to your clinic for the check-up.

I wish to avail your permission to travel for this official work.

Thanking you

Peter Henderson



Permission Letters

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