Order Letters

Order Letters

Order letters are documents which are issued by a superior to an inferior, in terms of work position or stature, in order to direct a command or a request. These are usually formal letters, issued in the context of official and business purposes. Hence, they must adhere to a particular tone, which is of dignity, solemnity and gravity. Order letters must also be courteous and gracious.

Despite being issued by a superior to an inferior, order letters should not cross the limits of decency or professionalism. They should never degenerate into incivility or rudeness, which will only be counterproductive and undesirable.

Order letters must clearly state the command which is expected to be carried out to avoid ambiguity and confusion. They should be clear and concise, and the instructions must be helpful and informative.

The tone of an order letter should be firm without being abusive. This is a difficult balance to strike, and most order letters become one or the other. This should be avoided at all costs. Since they are formal documents, the recipient of the order letter must be treated with respect and equality.

Order letters can be downloaded from the internet in which case they have to be suitably modified to meet the requirements of the sender.

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