Permission Letters

Medical Permission Letter


Dr. Kevin. P. Henderson

Henderson Health Clinic

C-2, sixth floor


West Lothian

12 June 2010

Subject: medical permission letter to travel abroad

Dear Dr. Henderson

I have an urgent meeting to be attended in Germany by the end of this month. But due to some problem in my tooth I am unable to travel as of now. I had a minor accident in which my front tooth is broken and it has exposed the root canal, due to which I am unable to chew things properly. I am going to get the root canal treatment this week and later by next week I will get the tooth cap which will solve the matter.

I am looking for the medical permission from your side to travel for the official meeting. Please find attached all the reports along with the X-ray copies. Please do let me know if I need to come down for a final check up to your clinic.

Thanking you

Julie Kevin Anderson

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