Appeal Letters

Transfer Appeal Letter


Alex Buchanan

Manager (Human Resource Department)

KYV Aluminum Corporation

67, Lenin Colony, Central London


25TH June 2012

Sub – Transfer appeal letter.

Dear Mr. Alex

I am writing this letter to appeal against transfer order number 45/90 from your department dated 23rd July 2012. I have being transferred from my present Central London office to the company’s upcoming project site situated in the remote areas of southern London. I would like to mention that I have joined the company’s central London office just three months back. The company transfer policy clearly indicates that no personnel could be transferred before three years of service at a particular location. I would like to ask the reason for the injustice shown to me from your office. I have just settled in central London with my small family comprising of two growing kids. It would be virtually impossible for me to shift my family to southern London in such a short time frame.

I hope that you will consider my situation and appeal and take necessary action for canceling my transfer order. I will eagerly wait for a reply from your side in this regard.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Brown

Chief Engineer (Production Department)

KYV Aluminum Corporation

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