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Short Term Disability Appeal Letter


Prince Charles

General Manger

TVC Software Corporation


25TH June 2012

Sub – Short term disability appeal letter

Dear Mr. Darren

I am writing this letter to appeal for short term disability leave. I met with an accident last week as my motorcycle collided with a speeding lorry. I have sustained many critical injuries on my body and my doctor had advised me three months complete bed rest. My right leg as well my right hand has being fractured. I cannot move my body as my right leg has been plastered. The doctors have diagnosed my right arms with multiple fractures. They have advised for an operation in order to place a titanium plate as a support to the fractured bones. Now for the complete healing of the fractures; I would like to apply for a short term disability leave of 90 days.

Hope that you will understand the trauma through which I am passing thorough. Hope that you will grant me a short term disability leave of 90 days. I will look forward for a positive reply from your side. I would like to thank you for considering my appeal letter.

Yours Sincerely

Lance Peterson

Software Developer

TVC Software Corporation

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