Authorization Letters

Trademark Authorization Letter


Bruce Willis

Managing Director

Equity Branding Agency Limited

34 Yankee Doodle Street

New Wales, United Kingdom 8976

Dated: 12th of June 2012

Subject: Letter for trademark authorization

Respected Mr. Willis,

This letter is to bring to your notice that we, Gas Garments Limited authorize your agency to use our trademark for the purpose of doing promotion and public relation work for our organization. I would request you to consider this as a trademark authorization letter.

Our organization had been looking for a reliable branding agency to do promotion work for us. You had sent us a written application expressing your keen interest in doing branding work for us. We did go through your company profile and pleased to discover that your agency is one of the best branding agencies in the country. You have the authority to use our trademark for the purpose of advertising, organizing events and also arranging for media meets. We would of course give you remuneration for the services provided by you. The remuneration will be ten percent of the revenue generated due to branding.

I am also enclosing a copy of the legal contract in regards to this authorization.


Jane Fonda

Managing Director

Gas Garments Limited

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