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Termination Appeal Letter

November 23, 2010

Ms. Donna Hill

General Manager

Best Foods, Inc.

Dear Ms. Hill:

This is in response to your written announcement telling your employees that you will be forced to terminate at least 10 employees in the next few weeks. You have cited certain reasons such as lack of revenues as the rationale behind the said termination plan. While we understand your plight in running the business, we would like to appeal from your good office to give employees at least 30 days notice before they would be formally axed from the company. This is to give them the chance to seek and secure their new employment first so they would not end up empty handed once there are unfortunately terminated from the company.

With our years—some even decades—of service in your company, we fervently hope that you will grant our appeal.

Respectfully Yours,

Edward Thomas


Best Foods, Inc. Employees Organization

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