Tax Letters

Tax Payment Letter


The Income Tax Officer,

State Tax Department,


London, CF32

Date: 18th May 2012

Subject: Payment of tax according to self assessment for previous year

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you with regard to the tax returns that I need to file with your department for the current year. I have completed a self assessment of my tax liability for the present financial year and arrived at the actual amount that I need to pay as tax. I am hereby enclosing all the relevant documents necessary for the assessment of the tax liability along with this letter.

I request you to kindly verify the documents and ascertain the calculation of tax liability as correct according to my calculation. In case of any discrepancy I am willing to pay the additional tax if any according to your assessment. In case I have made an excess calculation of the tax liability then I request you to kindly make a refund of the excess to my bank account as mentioned in the enclosed tax assessment form.

I hope to hear from your department soon on the verification any further documentation required from my end.

Thank You.

Yours truly,

Alice Hill Dorothy.

Tax Assessment No-XYN123

Enclosed- Documents

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