Tax Letters

Tax Offset Letter


Mr. Gabriel Ellis,

#4, Rochdale,


London, OL13

Date: 26th March 2012

Subject: Intimation of offset of tax refund toward debt

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

We are writing to your from the federal Tax department with regard to your refund of income tax payment made by you for the last assessment year. It has come to our notice that you are having some outstanding debts on your credit which has not been paid for the past one year. The debt has accumulated a lot along with the interest due on it. We have hereby decided that the income tax excess payment made by you will not be refunded to you and instead will be offset towards the credit card debt due by you.

In case you wish to pay your outstanding debts immediately contact our remittance department to hold back your tax refund cheque being forwarded to the credit card company. In case the tax refund amount is in excess of the outstanding debt owed by you to the credit card company, you will receive a cheque for the differential amount at your mailing address available in our records.

For any further queries that you have you can contact our department on the below mentioned numbers during working hours.

Yours truly,

Tax Remittance Officer,

State Tax Department


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